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Rent a three bedroom Flat in Lagos Nigeria

Updated on June 22, 2012

Unlike Houses in Abuja, you'll discover that to rent an Apartment in Lagos that would offer you peace of mind and plenty of convenience especially if it's a three bedroom flat that is relatively affordable. The things to consider when choosing such an apartment are;

· Location

  • Proximity to one’s place of work
  • Available Amenities
  • Relative rent values
  • Age of building

When it comes to choosing a 3 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos Nigeria, you must have based your decision to do so on certain factors which may include; budget, family size, convenience and other considerations that may affect your financial planning. Whatever the case, there are a few suggestions that could come in handy in getting yourself that desirable 3 bedroom flat in Lagos.

1. Location

Choosing an apartment in a very distant suburb of town may have its benefits such as relatively low rents and situation in a part of town with relatively low cost of living but it also has its disadvantages. Quite frankly, most of the amenities and infrastructure are concentrated in the heart of Lagos, that is the main parts of town, so be prepared to face things like bad roads, poor water supply and possibly worse electricity supply (although it is nothing to write home about nationally). But consider that there is a greater social and economic disadvantage in living far away from the city center.

2. Proximity to one’s place of work

If you live far from where you work, you aren’t really going to have a nice time shuttling between home and office because of the ruthless Lagos Traffic Jams. The further away you live from work the more time you have to spend in traffic daily moving to and from work. The only way for you to get to work early is to leave home early that means your regular day would start around 5am and end by may 6pm when you close from work. Again another 2 or 3 hours in the Lagos traffic means when you get home around 9pm you are worn out and have to prepare for bed that is if you don’t have assignments from work which you must complete before the following morning. Stressed and tired life can really be miserable in this way. Better to live close to where you work.

3. Available Amenities

What about road networks, access to security, drainage systems and so on. If you must choose a three bedroom flat to rent, consider that the lack of these facilities would reduce your living standard and expose you to some undesirable experiences like having to leave your house almost everyday to fetch water or paying local water vendors to fetch water for you which may not be good considering that you have no idea what and how this guys collect the water for you. How about facing massive floods during the rainy season because there are no drainages or that the drainages are blocked. To worsen matters there are times when in the case of emergency e.g fire or collapsed buildings help has to be sought from the city center which means delays.

4. Relative Rent Values

Some places offer unnecessarily high rents not because they are expensive neighbourhoods but because of a number of reasons such as greed of landlords, high agency fees and high demand for rented apartments in such places. If you want a three bedroom apartment that will not be too expensive for you, consider what you get in return for the rent you pay. N 450 000 a year for an apartment with no running water, untidy environment with poor sanitation, distant from main town, in an unfriendly and noisy community or with small rooms and not enough parking space is too much to say the least. Better to pay the same amount for much more in another part of town than settle for that.

5. Age of building

The older the building, the more you shouldn’t want to live in it. Why do I say that, because except if the building is constantly being renovated, you will be surcharging yourself and getting less in return in addition to being faced with dilapidation which might lead to calamity - although no one hopes for that. But it does happen sometimes, why should you settle for an old building? Much newer buildings have more value to offer occupants because the builders will naturally consider the present realities over the older ones which may have been built pre- independence or just after independence era. The buildings of the 90’s and 21 century are more rewarding.

Having said all these, where are the so called suitable locations in Lagos, Nigeria for apartments that are okay? If you ask me I will mention the following;

1. Ikeja

Administrative capital of Lagos with many commercial ventures springing up, there are many places within Ikeja that are suitable such as GRA, G cappa Estate, Opebi, Allen, Oregun, Ogba, Maryland and environs.

2. Yaba

Comprising Ebute metta, Akoka, Jibowu and a number of places, it is fairly less expensive than Ikeja.

3. Surulere

Surulere and Environs, Eric moore, Akerele, Randle and environs, Ogunlana drive, Adeniran Ogunsanya and other surrounding communities

4. Lekki

Phase I and II, for the affluent but very convenient especially if you work on the Island.

5. Ilupeju

Middle class communities and highly Educated residents live here. Peaceful neighbourhood with low crime rate

6. Omole Estate

For the well to do but there is peace of mind because of exclusivity and livable environment

7. Marwa Gardens

Just like Omole estate

8. Ikoyi

For the wealthy, convenient environment to live in if you work on the Island but expensive and somewhat isolated.

9. Victoria Island

Just like Ikoyi except that it is fast becoming a commercial environment and in an open environment.

10. Apapa

Commercial and industrial area but like Ikoyi and VI, is an expensive place to live in.

11. Lagos Island and Environs

Onikan, Obalende and so on, noisy environment but closeness to the city center and ideal for young, upwardly mobile folks

12. Gbagada

Quite middle class environment, fast becoming a commercial center

There are still many more neighbourhoods I haven’t mentioned, but the choice should be carefully made after proper analysis based on the above stated criteria and any others you may have.


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