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Renting a Car — Checklist

Updated on February 13, 2014

Ever rented a car and then found you forgot to do something during the renting process? This list will help avoiding that in the future.

Before Renting

  1. Decide if a rent-plan with unlimited mileage is better than limited mileage per day (and then paying for any over-the-limit surcharges).
  2. Note the insurance deductibles (השתתפות עצמית) and contemplate if you'd like to pay to avoid deductibles (ביטול השתתפות עצמית) .
  3. Verify which insurances are included.
  4. In which countries may the car be driven?

Before Accepting the Car

  1. Go around car and verify that all scratches/dents/accidents are recorded in the renting document. Same for car interior, engine compartment, and trunk.
  2. In the trunk:
    1. reserve wheel - properly inflated
    2. jack
    3. wheel's bolt spanner
    4. warning triangle
    5. warning-reflective coat
  3. Verify that fuel tank is full
  4. Car operation:
    1. code to start
    2. wheel locking
    3. reverse
    4. turn signals
    5. trunk opening
    6. engine compartment opening
    7. window wipers
    8. other interior buttons
    9. internal light
    10. in which situations car won't start (code, steering wheel locking, etc.) ?
  5. Go over rent-contract and see you understand all you sign on.

Upon Acceptance of Car

  1. Make note of -
    1. Time of actual car delivery (since time of rent is time of return).
    2. Number of miles/KMs on odometer.
    3. Miles-per-day limits if applicable, and plan daily driving accordingly.
    4. Type of fuel.
    5. Wheels air pressure.
    6. Whom in agency to call in case of mechanical failure, theft, operation problems?
  2. Verify car has:
    1. insurance documents.
    2. Car registration.

Before Returning the Car

  1. If your rent-plan allows only certain distance per day, do the calculation if renting for more days is cheaper than paying the surcharge.
  2. Fill fuel tank. Retain last filling receipt.
  3. Try to arrive head of time.

In Case of Accident/Theft

  1. Contact rental agency.
  2. Contact police.
  3. Photograph the damages.
  4. Fill damage report.
  5. Get all third-party details.
  6. Retain copies of all incident related documentation.
  7. Retain receipt of deduction payment.

After Returning the Car

  1. Get document attesting to return of car (with all extra rented equipment), and payment.
  2. Retain last fuel filling receipt.
  3. Retain rent related documents in case of later disputes.


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      DavidJohn 3 years ago

      I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike was Additional Blogs Which I Have read are really not good.