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Renting a car when you travel to Las Vegas

Updated on March 24, 2011

Are you sure you need to rent a car?

There are many pros and cons to renting a car during your stay in Las Vegas. On the pro side, you can move around a little easier, especially to places off the Strip and away from Downtown Las Vegas in the Fremont Street area. There are plenty of things you can do outside of the big casino areas that are made much convenient if you have your own car to drive. Some of these activities include hiking Red Rock, visiting the Hoover Dam, or going out to Mt. Charlestown.

On the con side, renting a car can get expensive, and driving in the busy parts of Las Vegas is a pain in the neck, even for locals who are used to driving in these parts. Sometimes it's just a lot more convenient to hop on a public bus or get a Las Vegas taxi. In addition, parking can be an absolute nightmare. Some hotels offer free parking for their guests, but it's not like you're just going to stay in that one building your whole time there. You can't park anywhere along the Strip, and finding a public parking garage can be a pain.

Las Vegas car rental phone numbers

Since I haven't been able to dissuade you, here is some info for the major car rental agencies that have locations in the Las Vegas area:

 Hertz Rent-a-Car: 3475 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas (702) 732-7349

Enterprise Rent-a-Car: 3000 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas (702) 862-8256

Dollar Car Rental: 7135 Gilespie Street, Las Vegas - (702) 736-1234

Alamo: 7135 Gilespie Street, Las Vegas (888) 826-6893

Payless: 7135 Gilespie St, Las Vegas, Nevada - (702) 736-6147

Advantage Rent A Car: 4744 Paradise Road, Las Vegas (702) 798-6100

CONSUMER WARNING: Both Payless and Dollar car rental facilities in Las Vegas have received horrible reviews. These reviews may have come from disgruntled former employees, or they may have come from real customers who really did have the "worst experience of my life". We have no way to know if these reviews are accurate, but I think it's only fair to inform you that these statements are out there. 



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