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Residence Inn Marriott in Las Vegas - A Brief Review

Updated on March 23, 2011

A hotel away from the Strip

If you have to travel to Las Vegas for business and you really have to do work and don't have time to play, you probably don't want to stay at one of the many hotels located on the Las Vegas Strip. Those hotels are all about fun, entertainment, and gambling. If you're doing business at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a more convenient and appropriate place to stay is the Residence Inn Marriott located right across the street.

With only 192 rooms, you'll  want to make your reservations early if you're going to a big convention, because they can fill up fast. If you think everyone is going to stay on the Strip and enjoy Vegas, think again. You'd be surprised how many people loathe this city.

Room sizes and rates and extras

The suites available at the Residence Inn vary in size, so they can accommodate everyone from the single business traveler to the family looking to stay at a hotel that doesn't have a nightly burlesque show. A fireplace and kitchen is available in each suite, which is really nice although the fireplace seems a little out of place most of the year. Rates are typically between $200 and $300 a night, which is expensive even by Las Vegas standards, but you have to remember that there is no casino to subsidize the cost, so you're essentially paying extra to not have them hassle you into gambling. 

The Residence Inn has a pool and a whirlpool (called a big hot tub in much of the country) for all guests to use. You'll probably want to take advantage of this if you're staying there during the summer, so remember to bring your swim suit.

Each morning be sure to take advantage of the executive continental breakfast, which should keep you full until early afternoon and hopefully limit the number of expensive meals you'll have to eat in Las Vegas. If you're eating on the company dime then go ahead and skip the breakfast and enjoy a big lunch at one of the many fine dining opportunities Las Vegas has to offer. Just remember to bring some potential clients so you can claim it was all business-related.

I would only recommend this hotel if you are a business traveler who has to give the appearance of "all work and no play" on your expense reports or you're traveling with your family and you're really concerned about exposing them to the vices of Sin City. You can do much better staying at the various hotel/casinos on or near the Strip, and several of them are not too far from the Convention Center.


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