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Restaurants in Vilnius - Lithuania - Gusto Blynine and more

Updated on July 4, 2015

La Provence, Vilnius

The elegant interior of restaurant La Provence in Vilnius,
The elegant interior of restaurant La Provence in Vilnius,

La Provence

La Provence is rightly regarded as one of the finest restaurants in Vilnius. It combines outstanding French food with immaculate service, dished up in a charming but relaxed setting. Basically, it's all you could ask for from a restaurant. The seafood dishes are exceptional. Try the sea snail and vegetable crudités à la Provencal,or the exceptional Bouillabaisse de Marseille - a typical Provence style fish and seafood soup.

Of the mouth-watering meat dishes, the Veal Chateaubriand, grilled asparagus in béarnaise sauce, dumplings with soft cheese, asparagus, mushrooms and hazelnuts are pure heaven. Given the quality, the prices are surprisingly reasonable. The beautiful interior, with it's low vaulted ceiling and elegant furnishings, make it the perfect place for a romantic night out. The wine list is trulysuperb, too, and the helpful staff will happily help you make the best selection. No wonder its customers keep on coming back: this place is outstanding in every department.

Open: Mon-Sun 13.00 - 24.00

Vokieciu gatve 22, Vilnius


Pancakes in Gusto , Vilnius
Pancakes in Gusto , Vilnius

Gusto blynine

This is a strangely cozy and welcoming place that attracts a lot of passing tourists because of its proximity to the Gates of Dawn, although is a long-standing favorite with locals. The delightfully funky interior is a marvel in itself and certainly adds to the attraction. But the real reason to visit here is for the delicious range of pancakes, which come with every imaginable filling, from sauerkraut to chicken liver to spinach and spicy cottage cheese to red caviar.

Gusto also does a good line in breakfast and has a special kid's menu. Being the Baltic states, a size-able range of alcoholic beverages is also on offer, complete with a choice of tasty beer snacks. Pancakes are the closest thing the Baltic states have to indigenous fast food (along with dumplings), and this is certainly a fun place to come.

Open: Mon-Sun 09.00 - 22.00

Ausros Vartu 6, Vilnius, also: Gelezinkelio gatve 16 (train station), Laisves Pr. 77B and Zirmunu gatve 139A.


Belmontas by night
Belmontas by night
One of Belmontas' outbuildings
One of Belmontas' outbuildings


The idea of reconstructing an old French mill complex resulted in one of the finish places just outside Vilnius to go for a bite.

All authentic buildings and their parts were diligently preserved and restored; their current purpose is at maximum adapted to the old mill building plan and space structures.

When managing the territory, the main attention was drawn to the restoration of the former windmill hydrotechnic system – the intake and offtake canal was restored, seven bridges were built above it, as well as cascades and a fountain. The key element of this canal is one of the biggest waterwheels in Lithuania. A huge pond has been established in the central part of the complex, its waters are curving down the artificial waterfall into the river Vilnelė.

A long and complex network of walkways has been established in the central territory, its length is approximately 1 kilometer; there also are resting and observation sites, harbors of various shapes, an amphitheater, parterres, fountains and other numerous attractive elements of landscape and minor architecture.

The impressive illumination of the entire complex creates a vision of a charming and mysterious night. Belmontas Entertainment and Recreation Center was established inside the French (Belmont) mill complex. This center consists of various halls established inside the buildings of the complex.

The hall interior enlivened with ethnographic and antique showpieces and furniture shows certain features of the XIX century Lithuanian city and village people lifestyle, their interests and taste. In these halls the visitors, apart from eating, can also familiarize with various collections - from hunt trophies and folk household utensils to antique works of arts and crafts as well as authorial works of art.

The majority of halls are for universal purposes. Their plan and equipment allow the organization of private parties, company or family celebrations, seminars and conferences. For huge public events it is possible to connect several halls.

In these territories the visitors, apart from eating dishes prepared on open fire, can also listen to performers who are quite often performing in summer, dance, enjoy the nature or simply rest from the nearby city pace.

For those looking for more active entertainment, Belmontas center organizes various feasts (both outdoor and indoor), concerts, games, theatrical performances, fairs, get-together s or discotheques. Together with the administration of Pavilniai and Verkiai regional parks, cognitive tours around Vilnius surroundings and various ethnographic festivals are organized.

In total, there are 12 halls of various purpose and size (50 to 250 places) in Belmontas Entertainment and Recreation Center, accommodating up to 1000 visitors.

The orderly territory occupies 2 hectares of land. 1500 visitors can rest, feast or entertain here at the same time. There is a children playground, places for a quiet rest, decorative plants, expositions of ancient implements and mechanisms, places for observing landscape and historical buildings. For the convenience of visitors, there are WCs, bicycle rests, cognitive and information stands as well as other functional elements.

Near the driveway leading the complex is a parking lot with hard surface, accommodating up to 300 cars.

Address: Belmonto gatve 17, Vilnius

Telephone: +370 686 14656

Grill Brazil - Vilnius
Grill Brazil - Vilnius

Grill Brazil

Grill Brazil is maybe one of the best meat places in the country. For a fixed price waiters will parade around with very large skewers of fine grilled meat, eat as much as you can. Together with an always stuffed salad bar this is real good value ! They also make a decent caipirinha by the way.

Location: Saltoniskiu gatve 9 (3rd floor Panorama Shopping Centre)

Telephone: +370 671 886 65

Open: 10:00 - 23:00 daily

Tores restaurant - Vilnius
Tores restaurant - Vilnius


Tores Restoranas

Uzupio gatve 40, Vilnius

Telephone: +370 603 90 524

Vilnius Restaurants On A Map

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A markerLa Provence -
Vokiečių gatvė 22, Vilnius 01130, Lithuania
get directions

French restaurant La Provence

B markerGusto -
Aušros Vartų gatvė 6, Vilnius 01304, Lithuania
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Gusto Pancake Restaurant

C markerBelmontas -
Belmonto gatvė, Vilnius, Lithuania
get directions

Restaurant Belmontas

D markerGrill Brazil -
Vokiečių gatvė 2, Vilnius 01130, Lithuania
get directions

Grill Brazil


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