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Review Of Anytime Fitness In Devens MA

Updated on October 4, 2013

Joining Anytime Fitness In Devens MA

I joined Anytime Fitness in Devens, Massachusetts years and years ago, and trained there for a good year or year and a half, but I never got around to actually reviewing this location. First off, I have trained at many gyms, especially many Anytime Fitness locations, and I never had anything bad to say about any of the locations I have been in, but the Anytime Fitness in Devens MA is one of the best Anytime Fitness' locations, as well as gyms I have ever been too.

Continue to read the rest of this Hub as I will go on to review different aspects of this particular Anytime Fitness.

Size Matters

I have trained in way too many gyms that were either too small or just way too big, but the Anytime Fitness in Devens, MA, is the perfect size. I know size shouldn't matter, but it does, and because Anytime Fitness in Devens is the ideal size, it makes for a comfortable atmosphere to train in. Even if you happened to go here on a busy day, don't expect to be waiting in line to use certain machines. As you all know, when you go to most gyms at peak times, then you can probably expect to be waiting to use some of the equipment. This is not the case when visiting Anytime Fitness in Devens MA.

The Equipment

The equipment at this location looks like it is brand new and everything worked as it was brand new. This was even after training there for a year or so. I am not sure if its because the machines and equipment is of very high quality, or because the gym has staff that takes very good of it. Either way the equipment at this location is the best gym equipment you can train on in the area, and this includes the other gyms located in a 15-20 mile radius, and there are a few of them, or were a few of them years ago.

The Appearance

The appearance of this gym has always amazed me, and I have been in this place when it is at its busiest, and it just always looks clean and neat. The staff does an excellent job at maintaining the appearance of the Anytime Fitness in Devens.

Gyms should be clean and sanitary, but the sad fact of the matter is that there are a lot of gyms that could be a lot cleaner, but Anytime Fitness in Devens MA is always clean and spotless. If you care about the cleanliness of the gym that you are training in, then make your way down to Devens MA and check out Anytime Fitness.

Other Features

Anytime Fitness in Devens also features a very large room where I assume they have classes of some sort, but if nobody is using it, then other guests can go in there and train their ABs, do some jump roping and so forth. The room is massive, and you can certainly find some good use for it if you wish, or see when certain classes are being held there and go to one of them.

There are also a few tanning beds and private showers at this location, and the tanning beds were brand new at the time I was going there, and the showers were quality showers. Both the shower and tanning area, as well as the equipment were taken care of and clean. The tanning beds are modern, and so are the showers, so no need to worry about whether or not you are going to be using less than desirable tanning beds and showers.

The Staff

I remember talking to a couple of staff members, one may have even been the owner and the other maybe a personal trainer, I can't exactly remember, but I remember that they were extremely polite and professional, which is what you expect from staff members of any gym or fitness center, but the staff at Anytime Fitness in Devens, MA seemed to be some of the most friendly, helpful and positive staff members that I have ever met at a gym that I was a member of. I never had any issues with payments, and I never had anything negative to say about the staff. They do a great job at running a great gym.

Is Anytime Fitness In Devens MA Worth Joining

Anytime Fitness over in Devens, Massachusetts is well worth joining. Out of all the gyms I have been to in Massachusetts, this one ranks among the top 5, and I have been to many gyms (more than 50) located throughout the entire state throughout the last 15 or so years.

I highly recommend visiting this Anytime Fitness location.


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