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Review of: Calypso Bay Waterpark

Updated on June 21, 2015

Before going to Calypso Bay Water-park as a summer camp counselor I looked for reviews of the Calypso Bay Water-park and found nothing just the generic web page that only list the features nothing about what ages would enjoy it the most! So I decided to create a review on it for people wondering about what the park is like and what ages it would be best for.

897-foot river ride

Lily pad walk

Two (2) four-story high water slides

Children's water playground

Lap pool with diving boards

Locker rentals, locker rooms and shower facilities

Full-service concession stand

— Calypso Bay Waterpark


The Calypso Bay Water-park has a lazy river that is over 800 feet long, a lily pad walk with lily pad trail and a tree stump trail, two four story tall water slides, and children's pool with play-set, and a lap bool with diving boards. For food and drink wise the Calypso Bay Water-park offers a full service indoor concession area as well as a drink stand with slushies by the kiddy pool. For storage they have locker rooms with lockers for rental. For rinsing off after pool time they do have shower facilities.



Daily Admission is broken down my time and by age. Before 3 pm adults pay $10.60, children three to eleven years old are $8.60, toddlers one to two years old are $3.60, and infants under the age of one are free. The after 3 pm the admission prices are reduced to adults paying $8.60, children $6.60, toddlers $3.60, and infants under one are still free.

Daily Admission

Adult (12 years & older) $10.60

Child (3 to 11 years of age) $8.60

Toddler (1&2 years of age) $3.60

Infant (under 1 year of age) Free

After 3 pm Admission

Adult (12 years & older) $8.60

Child (3 to 11 years of age) $6.60

Toddler (1&2 years of age) $3.60

— Calypso Bay Waterpark

Calypso Bay Waterpark

A markerCalypso Bay Waterpark -
151 Lamstein Lane, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, USA
get directions

The Lap Pool

The lap pool can be seen in the picture below it is the large square in the bottom of the picture. The lap pool is only for those who are planning to swim and young children are often turned away. This area is designed for those over the age of eight although most swimmers tend to be ten and up. The lap pool is split into lanes and has a few diving boards for divers.


Kiddie Pool

The kiddie pool at its deepest is about two deep allowing for toddlers to enjoy the pool while being able to stand in the shallow areas. The water starts out shallow on the edges and is its deepest in the middle. When I was there I saw many babies seated with their mothers at the edge of the pool splashing. In the middle of the pool is the play-set seen in the picture below. The play-set has two small water slides, perfect for young children. The play-set also has numerous wheels that children can turn to turn on and off water sprays. This area is best for young children up to the age of seven although all children and adults are allowed in this pool. I took a group of first graders in this pool and they spent a good two hours playing around in this pool.


Festive outdoor attraction features an 897-ft. river ride, lily pad walk & water playground.

— Calypso Bay Waterpark

Lilly Pad Walk

The idea of a lily pad walk can seen clearly in the picture below. To do the lily pad walk all children must pass a swim test; the test is very simple all they have to do is swim from one side of the lily pad pool to the other without holding the edge of the pool ( the area for the swim test does not have any lily pads in it). The lily pad pool is six feet deep, but don't worry there are always two lifeguards on duty at the lily pad pool. The calypso bay water-park's lily pad walk has been updated since the below picture was taken the calypso bay water-park's lily pad walk now has only two paths; the first is made up of lily pads and the second is made up of tree rings. These paths are created using reinforced solid plastic floats that float on the surface of the water and are anchored with a chain to the bottom of the pool. The chain allows the floats to move about half a foot in any direction. Over the floats is a netting that offers hand holds for when visitors walk across the trail. The problem is that to reach the handhold one needs to be at least three feet tall, but shorter children can still do this activity they just have to do it without the handholds. Doing it without the handholds while harder is still safe children just have to crawl across instead of walking though they can try to walk, but everyone I saw who tried to walk without the handholds fell in before crossing two floats.


Lazy River

The lazy river is 897 feet long; the river goes around about half of the park. The water is very calm there are no rapids or waves. The lazy river is an attraction that allows visitors of all ages. The only requirement of this attraction is that visitors must remain in their tube at all times while on the river. Regular water-park rules still apply meaning no running, being respectful of others, and being safe.

Two Water slides

The two water slides are each four stories high so if you are afraid of heights this is not the ride for you. All riders must be at least 48 inches tall or 4 feet. The slides do not use a raft and riders all go down on their bottoms, however these are not body slides the tube is either very wide or open top. The slide lets out into a pool where a life guard is waiting.


Overall this water-park is rather small when compared to bigger water-parks like the Rapids, but it is a lot less expensive and it is much better for younger children. I would recommend this water park mainly for children ten and under as old children may become bored with the attractions rather quickly. However that is not to say that they would not have fun they just might not want to spend all day at the water-park.


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