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Review of Our Cruise on the Norwegian Sky Cruise Ship

Updated on January 4, 2015

Review of Norwegian Sky

Norwegian Sky is one of the smaller classes of ships owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines. We decided to take a cruise on Norwegian Sky due to the price, and just to get away for a 3 day cruise with the family.

Photos of Norwegian Sky

I took this photo of Norwegian Sky while we were on Norwegian Dawn.
I took this photo of Norwegian Sky while we were on Norwegian Dawn. | Source
Norwegian Sky cruise ship. Taken while we were on Norwegian Dawn in Miami, Florida.
Norwegian Sky cruise ship. Taken while we were on Norwegian Dawn in Miami, Florida. | Source


When we went on our very first cruise, I didn't even know what the word "embarkation" meant. It just means the process that you go through to get on the ship. We've cruised on Norwegian Sky twice. This was our 2nd time on her. We also decided to drive to the port of Miami, and use the parking facility there, which was $20.00 a day for parking. As my son navigated with a map that I had printed out from Google Maps, and my husband being the driver, it ended up being a smooth trip there, along Alligator Alley, also known as Interstate 75 that travels from west to east across the state of the southern portion of Florida. From the time we arrived at the garage, took our luggage to the porters, and checked in, only took about 20 minutes.



Due to the sale that NCL was having, we decided to get a balcony room for this particular cruise. We just couldn't pass up the fantastic deal that they were offering at the time. Our balcony was on deck 9. It wasn't a very large balcony. It was nothing like the balcony we had when we cruised on Princess Cruise lines, but it was do-able. We had two very small aluminum chairs on our balcony, but found out later that the cruise line was in the process of replacing them with more comfortable chairs, however, they hadn't gotten around to replacing the ones on the portside of the ship at that time. We spent most of our time on the balcony leaning against the banister, anyway.

Our stateroom attendant kept our room clean at all times, and I've never had any problems with the beds on NCL cruise ships.



I would recommend Norwegian Sky to our friends or family, however, I've been on this ship twice. One time on a 4 day, and then again on a 3 day. I've had my share of Sky, along with Norwegian Dawn, and our next cruise will be on Norwegian Star, out of Tampa. If NCL changed Sky's itinerary to different ports, I would sail on Sky again though.

Kids Crew Club

My granddaughter, was 8 years old at the time, spent the majority of her time at the Kids Crew Club. She had no complaints, and seemed to enjoy the time she spent there. If she didn't get tired at night, I really think she would have liked to spend the night there. One evening they did face painting, and she really enjoyed that.


One problem about cruising during the winter months, is that you take the chance of running into a cold front. Yep, it even happens in the Caribbean. In our case, the nights were very windy, and on the chilly side, which made it almost impossible to enjoy the "White Hot Night Party" at the poolside. The cruise director did the best he could, under the circumstances that he had to deal with because of the weather.

Karaoke - Would have enjoyed it more, if the lounge wasn't filled with underage teenagers. It was held at Outriggers Bar & Lounge, however, it would have been more enjoyable, if adults would have been able to participate.

Casino - The slot machines on Norwegian Sky seemed to be very tight. It was difficult to win any money, and the machines took the money very quickly, leaving you a short stay at the Casino, unless you were planning on wasting a lot of money there. It was easy to find a slot machine during the cruise, because most of the time, the Casino was empty.


I can't give my opinion on the dining at the public dining rooms, for we are more of buffet people, and that's where we ate the majority of our meals. Norwegian Sky has one of the smallest buffets of any cruise line, and any ship, we've traveled on. The variety of food was very limited, however, it's was okay. For those that didn't want to eat inside, they were able to go to the aft portion of the ship, and eat there.


Our stateroom attendant always made sure that we had plenty of ice in our room, our room was always kept clean, our bed was always turned down at night, with towel animals, and clean towels in the bathroom.


If I was to rate the entertainment on Norwegian Star from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I'd give it a 5. It wasn't the best we've seen, however, it wasn't the worse either. The dancers had a lot of energy, but the shows were just what I would have called "so-so".

There was a comedy show that I could have done without. The entire show was based around embarrassing the audience. Some people even got up and left in the middle of the show.


This is the word that is used in the cruising industry for the time that it takes to get off the ship when your vacation is over. It's not a very happy time, however, it went rather smoothly. NCL has a tendency to make you feel rushed though. It's just not this ship, but other ships we've cruised on with NCL. I can understand in a way though, because shortly after we get off, they have another group of people that will be coming on.

Cruising on Norwegian Sky


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