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Excalibur Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Updated on October 10, 2015

Nightmares abound at the Excalibur

It has been almost a year since my nightmare vacation at the Excalibur Hotel. I should start by saying that the Excalibur was given every opportunity to reimburse us for our stay and handle this situation and they adamantly refused.

Our family stayed at the Excalibur from September 20-23 of 2013, for my son’s wedding. I paid for two rooms during that time (totaling over $800.00) . We checked in on Friday at 3pm to find out that the pools were closing early and the main pool was closed for the season. People were packed into a tiny pool in the corner, and they closed that pool as well. This was our first indication that this was going to a horrible stay. On Sunday September 22 we planned a family day; however it was on the morning of the 22 that we discovered bed bugs in our room. This set off a chain of events that can only be described as completely horrific!

It took the Excalibur staff two hours to get us moved from the room, we did file a report with the security officer, along with giving them one of the bugs we caught in a cup. The same officer took a cup that we caught one of the bugs in, saying that he was going to take it to the lab (not that I believe he did that). My son was bit and had problems sleeping. All our clothes were taken to be dry cleaned and we were told that the clothes would be back 7 pm that night. My husband explained that we were leaving early in the morning and had to have our clothes back to shower before bed. We left for the day and did not return to the hotel until 9pm. Our clothes were not in our room. When we called down to the bell desk we were told our clothes would be there within the hour because they were heat pressing the clothes.

By 11:30pm the front desk manager was admitting that in fact they did not know where our clothes were and had no idea when the clothes would return. The room we were moved into was not cleaned, the sheets were dirty and we had to have someone come up and change out the linens. My children had to sit on the floor exhausted and waiting for their clothes because we did not want to put them in the bed just in case they had moved the bed bugs. By Midnight one of my sons was in tears because he did not think he was going to get his clothes back and he was scared to get into bed because of the bugs in the previous room. It was 1:30am before we received our clothes back. My husband had to get up at 6am to drive us home after less than 6 hours of sleep.

We left behind $160.00 in luggage because it could not be washed appropriately enough to kill any bugs that might have tagged along. We threw out any and all sundry items that could not be cleaned, this totaled approximately $45.00 including magazines, food, make up, and personal hygiene items. We left with our clothes in plastic bags from the housekeeping department. That in itself was humiliating. I had to quarantine $400.00 in shoes bagged sitting on my patio table, several of which still had the tags on them. Our remaining luggage was washed before entering our house, this included the clothes we drove home in. I took pictures of all our home mattresses as soon as I got home just in case my efforts to not transport the bugs were unsuccessful, at least I could show we did not have this problem before staying there.

While I am upset for our monetary loss, the destruction of an important life event, and the traumatic emotional damage, that does not begin to touch the behavior of the Excalibur staff during this incident. We were lied to several times, we were treated horrible by the day shift front desk manager who insinuated that we brought these bugs with us. I assure you, that was not the case. We had never seen a bed bug before staying there. .

I have over 25 years in management experience including casinos. In my spare time I write TRAVEL REVIEWS, however I don't think Excalibur believed me. People are human beings and do not deserve to be belittled by hotel staff after spending $800.00 in rooms in one weekend. Our entire family stayed at the Excalibur that weekend. We brought in guests who all booked rooms there. The horrible thing is that this incident has shadowed my Son’s wedding and my younger sons never want to go to Las Vegas again. I was told several times that out issues would be forwarded to their legal department, its safe to say that is a lie. It's been almost a year and they did not even respond to a letter I wrote the manager.

Thankfully I was able to keep from tracking these horrific bugs into my own home. I put sealed bags of items from the trip out on my back deck and we had 9 degree temperatures for several days. Just in case, I left those items out there for two weeks and then looked through everything for bugs again. Apparently 9 degrees is cold enough to kill anything.

It is my hope that you will learn from this experience and stay at a better hotel.


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