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Reykjavk – One Super Cold Place for People Who Feel Hot

Updated on October 25, 2016

Reykjavik Plaza


If it is summer in other place, in Reykjavik everything is entirely cold and icy. As the capital and largest city of Iceland, Reykjavik does not only take pride of its super cold weather but it also homes the most colorful architecture and highly spirited residents. Although the area is relatively small, it is easy to walk around the town. You can visit some iconic landmarks and museums, such as the famous Pearl Building, City Hall, and the Hallgrimskirkja Church. The town is also the center for business and politics, so you can expect to see international restaurants and cafes along the streets. There is so much going on in the city and it is all up to you if you want to come by.

Snow filled way to the Pearl Building, City Hall (Perlan)


Reykjavík, view from Hallgrímskirkja


A Little Bit of Background

Reykjavik is also known for its great Viking heritage as it was once occupied by Vikings many years ago. Some of them invaded the place as mercenaries and there were also others that acted as merchants, selling goods and products to locals. Being in the northernmost part of the world, Reykjavik also experienced summer season. Believe it or not but it has the most peculiar seasonal pattern with its summertime causing 22 hours of daylight. At present, it is the most populous region in Iceland.

Colorfl rooftops of common Reykjavik house


Map of Reykjavik

A markerReykjavik -
Reykjavik, Iceland
get directions

Night seems to be endless in Reykjavk (Tiesto Bar)


Footage inside Reykjavk bar


Beers and wines in Bakkus Bar


Dolly's vivid lights and beer collection, ready for everyone to grab


Reykjavik’s Nightlife – Say No to Sleep!

Similar to the large and popular cities around the world like Vegas and New York, Reykjavik also has a wicked nightlife as it is the seat of loud bars and clubs. Each night, the city holds events and performances that are both overwhelming and impulsive to people.

The city seems to never sleep at all and if you roam around the area during night, you would surely stumble upon some musical concerts. Hopping in to some bars will give you firsthand experience with Iceland’s famous runtur – a bar crawl on and around Laugavegur. Especially on Fridays, locals would normally get drunk in their homes first before going for a club hopping. Thus you can expect almost everyone in the bar to be excitingly intoxicated yet still friendly.

Some bars also provide wine tasting especially for tourists. You can have a treat by sampling some award winning beers. Believe it or not, but Reykjavik has its own school of beer for people who want to learn beer tasting.
There are also some places that host a more formal night performance, such as Harpa. Every Thursday evening of September to June, residents host an exceptional musical performance lead by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. You can also visit the National Theatre of Iceland and Reykjavik City Theatre to enjoy other exciting operas and exhibitions.

Harpa - Best place to go for live orchestra


Live orchestra inside Harpa


Nautholsvik Thermal Beach


Nature Excursion and Relaxation

Reykjavik is a perfect blend of modernization and nature. After spending a sleepless night, you can meet its morning dew with the scent and beautiful feeling of nature. There are numerous geothermal pools that you can actually relax around the area such as Sundhöllin, Vesturbjarlaug and the Nautholsvik Thermal Beach. It has been accustomed for many tourists to spend a quality time with friends and families in some Reykjavik’s famous resorts, in a true Icelander fashion. Its coast is also home to stunning beaches and resorts such as the northern waterfront, which will give you the best view of Mount Esja.

The Hot Spring Valley houses the biggest outdoor thermal pool in the city, known as Laugardalslaug. Locals and foreigners would often use the place as a sports center and a very good access point to Reykjavik’s popular botanical gardens. To learn more about its geothermal energy management, you can visit the Hellisheidi Power Plant.

View of Esja Mountain from the city


Must-Try Activities

Reykjavik is also known for whale watching and horse riding adventures. Faxafloi bay is a very good spot to watch whales like the minkes and the humpbacks. Your tour would be much easier if you book in advance at the old harbor Gisgarur. You can also go for a horseback riding through the city streets. The view of the area is already a scenery itself. The Esja Mountain also provides a great climbing activity, which can last for about 4 to 5 hours.

Runtur around Reykjavk (Language is Icelandic or Gaelic but the footage is great)

It's 4am and the people aren't asleep yet? Oh yeah!


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