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Riding the steel rails of New Hampshire - 170 miles of rail fanning!

Updated on December 28, 2014

The Cog Railway - Steaming up the mountain

New train to the top of Mt. Washington
New train to the top of Mt. Washington

More tourist railroads than any other geographical location in the U.S

While other states might have more train attractions often they operate on only a few miles of track. New Hampshire has five different train operations with a whopping total of 170 miles of track age at their disposal.

All of these tourist trains lie in the vast White Mountains area and its possible to visit multiple trains in a single weekend.

White Mountion Central Railroad

White Mountain Central Railroad

As part of the Clark's Trading Post tourist attraction, the White Mountain Central Railroad is a thirty minute, 2 1/2 mile excursion with a wood-burning, steam-powered, Climax locomotive. This special kind of locomotive has a distinct look it and was designed for backwoods logging operations.

When the Climax is not running (usually in less peak times) a General Electric 65-ton diesel locomotive is used to pull the train.

Clarks is a fun family resort with its famous bear show and other old time amusements. The train trip features the one of a kind "Wolfman" who comes out of the woods at various times during the trip and harasses the train. Its a hoot!

Hobo Railroad Tourist Train

Hobo Railroad

The Hobo Railroad is a tourist train operation in the heart of the family friendly White Mountains. It runs through a woodsy setting along the twisting "Pemi" River close by to Franconia Notch.

The equipment roaster includes three Alco S1 Switchers, a Alco S3 Switcher, a General Motors GP7, GE GP9 plus Pullman cars. The streamlined art deco locomotive "The Flying Yankee" which provided service between Boston, Portland and Bangor (750 miles per day-six days per week) can also be seen at the Hobo Railroad.

Cog Railway to the Top of Mount Washington

Cog Railway

This is probably one of the most unique train experiences in the world. New Hampshires Cog Railway climbs up Mount Washington using steam power. The locomotives were originally built for Mount Desert Island's Mount Cadillac and are over 140 years old! July 3, 1869, 'Old Peppersass' became the first cog-driven train to climb 6,288-foot Mount Washington.

Today the fleet also includes some more earth friendly biodiesel locomotives.

Conway Scenic RR at Crawford Notch

Conway Scenic Railroad

Past the outlet malls of Conway and into the pretty village of North Conway nestled beneath ski resort Mount Cranmore is the stunning Victorian train station of North Conway across from the town green. You can just imagine the snow trains from Boston steaming into town and dropping off their excited passengers who would walk from the station over to the ski resort.

The Conway Scenic Railroad runs a variety of trains including a short trip to Barlett which is good for keeping the kids happy and for the adults a longer more breathtaking trip all the way to Crawford Notch over Frankenstein Trestle.

The coal-fired, steam locomotive #7470 (0-6-0) was built in the Montreal shops of the Grand Trunk Railroad in 1921. It only runs for about eight days in each season so plan ahead. Most trains run with diesel locomotives.

Special dining cars and premium seating is available.

Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad GP7

Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

The Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad runs along the banks of New Hampshire's largest lake along tracks that used to be part of the mighty Boston & Maine Railroad. The line was laid down way back in 1849 before any development on the lake which at the time was very remote.

You can take one or two hour rides from Weirs Beach or Meredith. The trains travel behind homes and resorts along the lake. This is basically a scenic ride with not a lot of rolling stock to look at - the railroad has limited storage areas but their are a few exhibits to look at while you wait for your ride.

White Mountain Central RR


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