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Ripleys Aquarium My Adventure

Updated on July 13, 2009

Ripleys Aquarium is a great place to venture into when you are in Gatlinburg on vacation. I know thatĀ  for many people they will think that it is just an over sized aquarium, but it is much more than that. Ripleys Aquarium is a great location to learn in about a wide variety of animals that we might not see anywhere else. I know that many of the animals that are present in Ripleys Aquarium are only fish, but we can still learn quite a bit about them that we might not have known before. So you will want to make sure that you go into the aquarium wanting to learn and ready to be amazed at some of the animals that you will see. I know I was kind of skeptical about what I would learn here, but came out with a much greater knowledge that I never would have learned before.

Ripleys aquarium located in the beautiful downtown area of Gatlinburg is a great place to venture to. I know that I said that earlier, but that is how high I think of this aquarium. I know that unless they have changed it since I was there you will be able to see some sharks up close. You are very well protected under the tunnel and glass, but you will be able to see marks on the glass that were from the sharks and they point them out even so you can see just how well protected you are. The under water view that you can gain from this tunnel is such a great site that you will not find it anywhere else. I know that for me I haven't found a better view underwater in an aquarium yet than the Ripleys aquarium, but if you do please let me know!

Now while you might not realize it the Ripleys Aquarium is very kid friendly as well. I know that when I went they had a feature going on where you could pet some of the fish. Now I wouldn't recommend this venture for children that are very easily to flip out, but if they are mature enough it is a great experience. I know that even when I was their I did see quite a few adults getting into the action here because it was such a unique experience that you could enjoy by touching an animal that many of us have never seen let alone touched!

If you think that your adventure at Ripleys Aquarium will end at this juncture you will be mistaken! I know that you will go on to other portions of the Aquarium that are very enjoyable. However, you will want to make sure that you take your time and enjoy some of the onsite food because it is terrific when I compare it to some of the other aquariums and zoos food that I have eaten before. So you will be able to enjoy that venture while you are at the Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokies.

While you are in Gatlinburg on vacation you will want to make sure that you do spend the time and money to go through the Ripleys Aquarium. I know that you will not be disappointed because of the great options that Ripleys Aquarium gives you. So you will want to make sure that you set aside at a minimumĀ  four hours to view everything in the Ripleys Aquarium and to have the best learning experience that you have.

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