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Road Trip: A day full of Curiosity and Laughter!

Updated on January 19, 2017

Travelling is one of the best past time that I would like to do if I have spare time. I have been to few places in the Philippines. So, when I have a chance to travel I grab the opportunity right away. For today's blog, I would like to share my experience from our road trip.

My friend invited me to to join her and her sister to travel to another city. That city was General Santos city and Koronadal both are located in Mindanao Island Philippines. I was happy that I can join them and was very curious about the city and their culture.

It was a good experience since i can see the beautiful landscapes and the sunrise as well. Although it was a bit scary since we have to compete with the big trucks along the way. Even if it was scary but we were full of laughter as we pass different city or provinces.

We were really thankful that we could use google map and it was convenient for use to use as we consider ourselves first timers going to that place.

As we reach our destination we can see the difference between our hometown and these places. Of course we couldn't help ourselves comparing it. Especially that when we were looking for a place to eat at an early time, we couldn't find any fast food chains open, the establishment also closes early like 5 or 5:30 P.M. It was also surprising to see many tricycle on the main road. A tricycle is kind of transportation in the Philippines.

We were able to find an interesting place after a long search. We were surfing the internet and we found an interesting cafe. The cafe was small but eye catching.

The name of the cafe is BOX CAFE. In my opinion, their coffee was really delicious. The way the barista mixes the coffee and milk was just right. The food was so affordable and it suits our taste well.

Nowadays, some coffee shops have a different way of attracting customers. This cafe draws the attention of students and travelers since you can play games while waiting for the food. You can play board games or games that you played during your childhood.

Over all, I give a 9/10 rating for this cafe especially for their food. It was worth the price . I give 8/10 rating for the place because I think that they need to enhance their furniture style and a charging station for the mobile phones or any device that uses electricity since these days we use it all the time.

If you happen to visit Mindanao area in the Philippines, you should check out BOX CAFE located at Koronadal City and try their inexpensive yet sumptuous foods!

Name of the coffee shop from the outside.
Name of the coffee shop from the outside.
The interior from the inside of the cafe.
The interior from the inside of the cafe.
Caramel Macchiato :)
Caramel Macchiato :)


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      Jihong 13 months ago

      It's a lovely view!