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Road Trip On A Sportbike (Kawasaki ZX-14)

Updated on October 22, 2012

Roadtrip On A Sportbike

This is my first long road trip on a sportbike, a Kawasaki ZX-14.  I've had road trips on cruisers, but not the same.
I put 800 miles on the bike in 3 days.

Drove from Columbus GA, to Panama City Florida, and then to Destin Florida. Spent the night in Destin and headed to Biloxi, MS. The trip was from July 30, 2010 - August 1, 2010. The temparture soared to 105 in Florida.

As you can see I was fully dressed. I also, had Field Armor Vest, Field Armor Knee/Shin Guards.

I though maybe I would be over dressed due to the heat, but I felt safe. It was hot, but just as hot with shorts and a t shirt. My riding partner, wore just that, shorts and a t-shirt. By the time we hit Dothan, Alabama, about 2 hours away, his legs were burnt up. He forgot sun block. So, we had to stop and get him some.

Items Packed

I packed in the Ogio No Drag Backpack, 3 shorts, 4 t shirts, 4 underwear, 4 socks, toothbrush, tooth paste, a few other items.

I packed in the Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag, some tools, flat tire kit, full hydration bladder, some rags, and a few other items.

Both the Ogio No Drag Backpack and Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag fit well, and rode well. I would suggest both products to others.

Of course, I had my iPhone, which I listened to music on the entire trip.

1st Day Of Road Trip

 We drove about 7 hours on our first day. We took a longer route than we probably should of. Hit a lot of beach traffic in Panama City. We didn't stop, and headed on to Destin Florida.

Again, it was hot, but I felt safe and comfortable with everything. We arrived in Destin, Fl, and hit the room. The first thing, was to clean up.

2nd Day Of Road Trip

 We left Destin Florida, and headed to Biloxi MS. We ran into a little rain, but not bad. It was very hot. I saw the temp at some local banks that read 104.  Once we hit Mobile, Al. it was a mess. The traffic and just not being familar with the area made driving a little uneasy at times.

Once we made it to Biloxi, and the Hard Rock Casino, I was so relieved. They let us park our bikes, pretty much at the door.

Heading Home

 We left Bioloxi, headed back to Columbus, GA. It was a long 6 hour ride. I had a lot of pain in my right inside elbow joint for the entire 6 hours. It was tough at times. We stop about every hour or so for gas and stretching. The ride itself on the ZX-14 wasn't bad, other than the arm. Traffic wasn't too bad. Our average speed was probably 80.

Overall, it was a great experience riding the ZX-14. For about 1 week or more, I had lack of feelings or muscle control over my right hand. Basically, it was hard to grip a pencil, toothbrush, cup of coffee, etc. However, I would make this ride again. I might take more breaks and longer stretches to help with the arm. I think most people think the back would be the first thing to start hurting because of the stance on the ZX-14. Not the case. The back was fine, not an issue at all. Again, the only physical problem, was the right arm, which probably has something to do with holding the throttle for such a long time.

Great trip and experience.


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