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Road Trips Aren’t Just For Oprah! Make Your Own Today, We Did!

Updated on April 1, 2012
Jodie and Scott at Prom
Jodie and Scott at Prom
Jodie and Scott Road Trip!
Jodie and Scott Road Trip!

I have a best friend that I’ve had since we dated in high school. I think we even knew at the time as we got ready for prom, her in her pink taffeta gown and my matching pink shirt under my white John Travoltaesque Saturday Night Fever suit that we were going to be a match for a long time to come. And now, over thirty years later we’re still best of friends, having experienced all that life could and would throw at us.

Recently a website ( approached us about being a part of their exploration into gay men and their straight female best friends. Having been in theatre for most of our lives we were only too happy to oblige and jump in with both sets of our well pedicured feet, as the expression goes. While I became the resident Gaytriarch giving advice, Jodie continued to be what she had always been, my cheerleader, confident and editor. She has edited my choices in life so often that it’s got to be like second nature to her at this point. While I told her what to wear, she told me what not to wear. I cherish her to her core and I know she loves me more than we both love a good strong cup of coffee (which is saying something).

As we live in different states it can sometimes be difficult with kids and cats to stay in touch on a daily basis so we decided that we needed to take our act on the road. To be more specific, we needed to trap ourselves in a car for about five or so hours where we could turn off cell phones (and turn on cameras). Although we had an event to go to (a birthday party for a mutual friend) I’m sure we could have found a reason and a long weekend to make it happen even if there wasn’t an event to attend. The results are being doled out in episodes on the website listed below and people who we know and don’t know are finding them pretty entertaining.

The thing is, life is demanding and difficult at times. Sometimes it’s difficult to find ten minutes for yourself let alone 72 hours but I can tell you now that I’ve had the experience, make time for a road trip with your best pal, yourself or even your spouse! The results are amazing. You can fit an entire year’s adventures and angst in a five hour car ride. And although gas prices are through the roof, much like using Loreal hair color, you’ll discover you’re worth it.

Jodie and I will certainly be taking road trips together in the future (whether or not they’ll be filmed, is another story) but I also have an urge to make my brother go on a road trip with me. No spouses, no kids just my brother and me. I wonder what I could learn about him. I wonder if he’d see me as more than his younger dopey kid brother. I think we’d learn a lot about each other and while I think we’re close, I think it would make us even closer.

So think about it. Who would you like to take a road trip with? There’s no time like the present so plan a weekend with someone you love on the open road. If nothing else, it gives you a reason to stop at gas stations and eat Slim Jims…and what’s better than that? NOTHING!!


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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      EA - As always, you're there right away with support and love. That's why you're an Earth Angel!

      JamaGenee - check out the actual video link above. It's just the first episode but believe me there is a Slim Jim episode coming up along the way!! Thanks for reading and writing in!

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Scott, from one hat to another, this is WONDERFUL hub! I've taken lots of road trips with friends or family members - sometimes both - and we never fail to learn something new about one another. Gas stations and Slim Jims? HEAVEN!

      Love the photo of you and Jodie! ;D

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 5 years ago

      GREAT, GREAT, GREAT Hub Scott!! I LOVE every hillarious word and action!! Blessings to Jodi as well!! Love it! Earth Angel!