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Rocky Point Mexico

Updated on January 2, 2013

Rocky Point - Puerto Peñasco - Mexico

Puerto Penasco is popularly called as rocky point or rocky port.

Rocky point is sited on the Sea of Cortez in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Rocky point is nearly 60 miles away from south of Arizona

Penasco located in a region where land meets sea, where mountains meet the desert, and where amazing sunsets segue into sweeping views of the stars at night.

Puerto Penasco where mountains meet the desert and land meets the sea.

Rocky Point, Mexico is situated in the gulf California which is one of the greatest gulfs in the world

“Puerto Penasco - where desert meets the sea ”

Lieutenant William Hale Hardy, a retired officer of Royal British Navy was in search of pearls and precious metals and was traveling across the coasts of Sonara and Baja California in 1826. During his journey in Gulf of California he gave name Rocky Point. Till 1936 this area was known on navigational charts by Rocky Point. In 1930's General Lázaro Cárdenas became president of the Mexico and changed Rocky point name in to Puerto Penasco which means Port Rocky Point. Americans dropped the Port and Mexicans the Punta.

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Puerto Penasco

Visiting Rocky point

Mexico is full of Art and Culture. There are numerous tourist spot in Gulf of California which are blend of luxurious life, culture and art.

Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco is an incredible traveler choice, where one can find calmness and joyful ness with art and culture. It's the best place to relax.

Rocky point is a small & beautiful city where most of population located on the shore of California. It is famous of fishing and tourism industry in Mexico.

Features of Rocky point:

1. There is a wide variation between high and low tides.

2. It is also famous for shallow sloping sea bed helping out in dramatic changes in the waterline twice a day.

3. Sonorant desert is vicinity with no lives in it. It is filled with beaches and wet lands to enjoy a lot.

4. There is a popular and best carved statue of Benito Juarez near the beaches.

5. Cholla bay is another admirable spot in the rocky point.

Things To Do In Rocky Point

Rocky Point Mexico Map

Rocky Point Mexico Map
Rocky Point Mexico Map

Why Rocky Point, Mexico Is Popular?

Why Rocky Point, Mexico is getting much popularity as an exciting Spring Break destination for most of the people? Here are some of the things that attract the people to get there.

1. Rich cultural tradition and heritage in Mexico
2. Miles of beautiful and unspoiled beaches with sparkling clear water
3. Clear and beautiful atmosphere everyday with clear blue sky
4. Luxurious beachfront hotels and restaurants to choose from
5. An array of recreational outdoor activities with other water-sports
6. Close enough to the US border which is quite convenient
7. Enjoy bars and clubs to have an unforgettable nightlife experience
8. Go shopping: markets are full of various shops with traditional Mexican handicrafts

Puerto Penasco - Mexico Newest Beach Destination

Mexico Newest Beach Destination

Video contains tourist spot, accommodation, culture, food etc of Rocky Point / Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Bars and Cantinas in Rocky Point

Dugout Sports Bar

JJ's Cantina

Sr. Amigo

The Black Dog


Cocodrilos Bar

Freida's Video Bar

Grand Palace

3 Hermanas

JJ's Cantina

Kanacho's Sports Bar

La Enramada

Los Juanes Bar

Pink Cadillac Diner

Manny's Beach Club


Oldies Bar

Pithaya Bar

Ranas Ranas

Puesta del Sol Bar

Reef Bar

Rocky Point Bar

Sunset Cantina

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    • shwetashah profile image

      shwetashah 8 years ago

      [in reply to monarch13] Thanks Monarch.

    • monarch13 profile image

      monarch13 8 years ago

      I'm from Tucson, Az and I love Rocky Point! 5 stars and rolled to Mexican Celebrations.