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Romantic Places to Go to in Russia

Updated on December 17, 2009


Romantic Places to Go to in Russia

Russia is rapidly becoming one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. Since the fall of Communism, Russian traditions that were buried for decades have revived and are rapidly making up for lost time. Though Russia, the most enormous country in the world by physical scale, offers many other options, most first-time visitors to Russia start at Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here are four romantic places to visit in Russia.

Abramtsevo is an retreat north of Moscow. It was a setting for artists and writers in the 1800s. Initially owned by Sergei Aksakov, writers and artists like Nikolai Gogol honed their craft there as guests. They wanted to purify Russian art of European influences to create a more authentically Russian ethos. In 1870 it was bought by Savva Mamontov, and under his influence, Russian art developed there. Abramtsevo contains a picturesque church, winding paths through forestland, and an unusual house straight out of a storybook. The main structure may have been the starting point for Chekhov's concept for The Cherry Orchard.

Gorky Park, Moscow is a thrilling place to visit in cold weather. The footpaths ice over turning much of the setting into a skating rink. Skating hand-in-hand with your love is one of the most sweet ways to experience Moscow. If you go when it’s warm, you can enjoy the numerous rides, cafes, and vendors where you can shop for souvenirs. First opened in 1928, Gorky Park was formerly the gardens of an adjacent palace. Whether you go when it’s cold or when it’s warm, you will find countless things to thrill you and your partner. Located by the Moskva River, it is a romantic setting you shouldn't neglect when visiting Moscow.

The Hermitage Winter Palace is maybe the most stunning place in St. Petersburg. With its innumerable architectural flourishes, this magnificent monolith has over 1, 000 rooms. Formerly the residence of Russia's czars, it also was the place where in 1917 Bolsheviks started their coup d'etat. While that particular incident of the Revolution was not as savage as it was later reported, it did lead to civil war and the Bolshevik triumph in 1921. Today, the Winter Palace holds the Hermitage Museum, the largest art gallery in Russia. Paintings by da Vinci, Dmitry Levitsky, and Michalangelo are just a fraction of the works in this vast art collection.

The Grand Hotel Europe is a very posh delight, with outstanding food in the many restaurants, and a long and fascinating history. Among the Grand Hotel Europe's many historic visitors was Fyodor Dostoyevsky From this place of decadance, visitors can easily get to St. Petersburg's most famous sites. As a setting for bliss, Grand Hotel Europe cannot be equaled. It is like retreating to an earlier era, with opulence and glamour complemented by 21st century amenities.

While Russia is graced with many charming sites, these four are perfect choices for inexperienced visitors. The amazing architecture of Eastern Europe combines with a 20th century largely filled with happenings that are unknown to Westerners make Russia a unique, but unforgettable location for romance. Good place for flowers in Moscow: доставка цветов

And finally if you are going to senf flowers to Russia, you have to know that Russian National Flower is a Chamomile. It is very romantic flower...


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