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Rome Italy a Sightseeing Dream

Updated on April 20, 2013
Roman Colosseum
Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is considered one of the top destinations for travelers around the world and rightly so. With its two thousand year history much of which used for gladiatorial games where countless thousands of people and animals were killed. The fascination with the Colosseum for many is what it was used for and others in the sheer size and the architecture of the structure. Today the Colosseum stands as a monument to one of the world's greatest empires and even though its two thousand years old it is very user friendly.

With an elevator hidden neatly away in the end of the building it makes the entire Colosseum assessable by wheelchair and since the Romans built each level of the Colosseum flat there are almost no steps to deal with. As you go up each level you get a better view of the interior of the floor area and can see the maze of passageways where people and animals would be staged for the games.

Wondering around the Colosseum there can be seen the wide array of building materials used in the making of the building with large carved stone in some places and brick and concrete in others. Like any major attraction there are a few ways to see the Colosseum, one is to view it by yourself and is easily done by parching tickets either at the Colosseum itself or at any of the other sites close and can also be purchased as a package combined with other sites in the area.

Roman Colosseum Interior
Roman Colosseum Interior

The other way to see the Colosseum is by guided tour where you are taken as a group to the different parts of the Colosseum and explained the history of the building its use, along with facts that many people don't know . Taking a guided tour is generally provided by a private city tour company and locations are normally set in different parts of the city where a tour bus will stop by and pick up tour guests and taken to the Colosseum where the tour will begin. The tour companies may also offer combination tours where you can see the Colosseum and the Roman forum or in combination with many of the other sites in Rome. There are pros and cons to taking tours as well as seeing the Colosseum by yourself. Some of the pros can be sometimes when you are on a guided tour there may be access to parts of the Colosseum where people not on tour can get to. Some of the tours may provide a lunch with the tour so you don't need to look for a place to eat.

The cons are you may not be able to take a tour during the time of day you want, you also may not want to tour the Colosseum for as long as the tour may last. The pros of seeing the Colosseum yourself are seeing the site at your own pace at any part of the day you wish for as long as you wish. The cons are, getting transportation to the Colosseum if you are not within walking distance, finding your way around the site and looking for a place to eat after your visit if you want to have lunch.

When choosing how to see the Colosseum everyone should consider their own needs, many older people like a guided city tour company better because the tour bus stops at the Colosseum meaning less walking and also not having to find how to get to the Colossueum from their hotel, where younger people might not consider this. Whatever way you choose to see the Colosseum you will have a great time.


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    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      Great hub on a beautiful city, hope to get over there someday.