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Ruminations on Redwoods

Updated on May 1, 2010

Ruminations on Redwoods

Ruminations on Redwoods

I've dreamed of a place safe and secure.

A place designed just for me.

Unencumbered by man, and free from human stain.

Awash in mossy greens and dark colored earth, accented by flowers.

Like delicate kisses of every fragrance and color

That dot and accentuate the landscape.

All cooled by the hint of a breeze,

as if by a wave of a hand.

If perfection had a tone it would resonate in this key,

this veritable cornucopia of nature's gifts.

A butterfly greets me by lighting on the tip of my finger.

He welcomes me to this delightful place whose

Balance of nature is unmistakable as ants, crickets, and frogs

live in harmony.

It's both inspiring and mystifying.

My ears delight at the sound of nature's song.

I take in the birds' harmonies as they float effortlessly on the air welcoming others to accompany them.

As I recline on a felled moss-covered log.

With all the exuberance of a child,

I dip my toes into the gurgling waters of a stream

that feeds, houses some and cools me.

I absorb the sights, satisfied

that the arms of my special

place enfolds me, soothes me.

I'm awed by the trees that reach mythically skyward, like tentacles,

canceling out portions of the blue sky,

compelling the sun to slice through the cocoon-like Redwoods

to light the magnificent scene with a blanket of shadows and light.

So beautiful a place that I dare not blink,

So majestic is its presence that I lower my voice in reverence.

As I take in the view from my mossy seat

I am overcome by a feeling of peace, and I am blessed by it all.


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