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Updated on October 11, 2011


I currently live in Rushford, MN. It is a cute quaint little town. We live in a valley that is surrounded by beautiful bluffs. The fall makes for beautiful colors in the trees, animals roaming the town, and kids getting as much in outdoors as possible before the first snow. The spring you see lots of flowers including the Colbenson Rushford Baskets throughout the town. Some of the flowers reach the ground hanging from the light poles. In the summer you can not go through town without seeing kids playing everywhere outside, at one of the parks including Creekside, at the pool, the football field or ball parks, or even at the school. There are a few restaurants in town that people enjoy eating at, two of my favorites would be Stumpy's and the Creamery.

Rushford is home to Norsland Lefse. Jim Humble created the machines they currently use to roll the lefse, which before those machines was done by hand. The were recently relocated due to the flood and now have the machines that you can watch through the window of their gift shop, once you buy some things from there you can go sit down and get a bite to eat. If you are sitting down for breakfast and you are thinking about the lefse wrap I would suggest sharing they are HUGE!!!

Rushford is also home to the famous bike trail. It is a great thing to do with the whole family. There are great scenes including the Root River and the many bluffs in Bluff Country, then when passing through Rushford stop at the Creamery for their famous ice cream cones. The creamery also has great pizza and other great foods too.

So if you are thinking about going through or even driving through this small town that doesnt look like much, we have a lot to offer.


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    • armygirl profile image

      armygirl 6 years ago from Rushford, MN

      I am glad that you enjoyed it not a lot of people have even heard of my town so I thought I would tell people.

    • jrport profile image

      jrport 6 years ago

      I always thought that Minnesota was a cold, open country. Your article helped me see it in a different, enjoyable way so that I would want to visit there if I had time and finances. Inspired me to perhaps write an article about where I live!

      Thanks for the good informaiton!