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3 most beautiful big cities of the world in Canada

Updated on March 21, 2016

Canada is one of the country famous for many the most beautiful cities in the world. And the distinctive feature of these cities is that they are derived from diversity of national language as well as country culture. The following is three of the big cities in Canada.

Ottawa – the capital of Canada

Before considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Bytown province, or Ottawa now is voted the capital of Canada by the Victoria Queen that surprised her faithful people because it has completely no law or order. Absolutely different from Washington and Brasilia, Ottawa is designed with the impressive features which are the beauty of the nature and surrounding urban area by an architect Jacques Greger. After that, it started to be paid more attention of artistic world. Despite of 300 000 populations, it includes many museums, showroom, and architect constructions such as Supreme Court, national museum, war museum, national artistic center.

Toronto – the biggest city of Canada

Toronto – the biggest city of Canada

Being the biggest city of the Province of Ontario as well as in Canada, Toronto is located on the small hill sloping gently to the North Ontario lake. With the area of about 630km2 and 2.5 million people (estimated in 2004), this is one the biggest cites in the world. Toronto is considered as one of the safest urban areas in Northern America with diversity of culture, ethnic groups and art. This city is known for skyscrapers, University of Toronto, football teams and the highest tower in the world.

Contrast to modern life and development in the center, the suburb presents significant history of the city from the first Anglo- Saxon to Asian, Italy, Greek, Ireland, and Spanish.

MONTREAL – the city of Québec

MONTREAL – the city of Québec

Belonging to Québec province and being the second big city after Paris, France, Montreal is an impressive and unique city. It has a worldly look but it is also romantic combining with a little wild. Built on the side of hill with zigzag streets, nearby St. Lawrence bay, Motreal is unusual beautiful. From the top of hill, in the fine weather days, you can observe overview of the city, even may see Adriondacks in New York and the forest range in Vermont, America.

With regard to a treasure of ancient architecture and a museum restoring historical evidences of European colony in a long period, Quebec is now still preserved entirely cultural value, the spirit of the first communities stepping up America. Therefore, it became one of the cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO in 1985. Although Quebec has mainly France style, it still remains cultural diversity leading to become a tourist attraction in Canada for visiting and learning about cultures.


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