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Updated on May 6, 2011

Cruise Bonanza Time


We are having our Conservatory roof renovated after 14 years of service!. Not the most staggering start to a hub you will have read I am sure! Yet trust me, it triggered off my thoughts on the subject of Cruises and why ,even in times of Credit Crunching, the cruise industry seems to be having a real Bonanza time.

The reason is straightforward for the roofer advised me that he wanted to finish things to day as he was away cruising on Sunday! Now he was the THIRD person to tell me they were off cruising in this one week. Multiply that by the people in the world and it seems everyone is leaving the land for the High Seas.


I then got to thinking about what I had been told and the penny finally dropped. Yes! They were all going cruising but were all very different and hence why cruising these days attracts so many. Let me show you here the variety that just 3 of our acquaintance have found.

1. Our Roofer.

He is taking his dear old mum on a 4 day mini cruise to Northern Spain. The cost an amazing £35 each only! As he says you can hardly get a budget Hotel for the night at that price. A short ,cheap cruise but I bet the old lady loves it.


They are moving to their new house and are in preparation for starting a family when they do. So they are taking, probably their last chance for years ahead to experience for the first time, what they have so often read about. Their choice? 7 days in the Mediterranean at a full board cost of £850 for the week. Not cheap but not ultra expensive either.


Now our relations are a salesman"s dream! They only turn down things if it looks like a bargain and insist on always paying, usually on credit, top price for everything. The Cruise attraction to them is not where it goes but the fact that as a Hotel on a keel, means it is an up market social club and casino combined. They are not sure where they are going but it is "somewhere warm" , they say!We do not ask the cost, but take it as read it will be top dollar! It is their money, so good luck to them.


Now I am not a cruising person, nor have I any connections to the industry, but as with all things, I know there will be ways to cut costs and corners and that for most, if not all , cost is still a key factor My favourite for our holidays is last minute booking, which, if you can hack it is always a winner if you are flexible about where you go. I am told this is especially true for cruises as they do not like to sail with empty cabins as empty cabins spend nothing on board! Logical is it not? So, you can work out your own strategies for cutting costs and also get some good ideas from the link below if you feel so inclined. I am always open to new ideas on saving money in all areas and make no exception here.Of course, in this case at least,I will save most of all, for cruising is not for me, although a voyage on a real Merchant Ship does appeal Any ideas?. Cannot see my wife on one though, so we may have to stick to the soil.


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