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Updated on January 20, 2014


For first timers in Venice, you will be amazed to view the highlights of a historical and magical city simply by having a tour on the city’s narrow streets or just by having a boat tour on the Grand Canal. From St Mark’s Square Piazza Marco to Rialto Bridge, any visitor will acquire an insight on the historical perspective of Venice as a medieval city. If you decide to tour the city on foot, I assure that you will be able to enjoy the walk and more especially the popular monuments such as Palazzo Ducale also reffered as Doge’s Palace , St Mark’s square, Santa Maria Formosa among others.

Your Exclusive introduction to Venice city will typically start at St Mark’s square with an highlight of the town’s significant monuments. Your guide may then take you to the popular piazza and you will get to be introduced to Venice’s history with regard to its landmarks. These important landmarks of the city may include the Byzantine architectural heritage of the Doge’s Place, which is adjoined to St Mark’s Basilica. You will then be able to visit the popular St Mark and for visitors like you, you won’t have to wait on long queues as you will receive a direct admission. At Scuola di San Marco, you will be introduced to Venice’s Medieval trade schools which offered a basis for the famous mercantile empire in Venice. A boat tour in Venice’s Grand Canal will definitely be enjoyable for visitors. You will be introduced to the spectacular churches and palaces that line the popular grand canal. In addition, you will be exposed to the anecdotes concerning Venice’s ancient people.


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