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Safest places in Europe to visit for solo female travelers

Updated on June 16, 2016

safe travelling

If you are a solo female traveler and looking to explore Europe then this is the right time for you to plan your trip. There are many female friendly hotels and cities all around the Europe are becoming safer for the tourists as compared to the past few years. Now you can travel all alone without any hesitation and fear. Here on your trip to Europe, you will find and meet many other solo female travelers. Europe is no doubt blessed with natural beauty and very rich culture, architecture, unparalleled history, and much more. The beautiful and breathtaking attractions here appeal the tourist from all over the world. You will find the all-female floor in the Grand hotel of Norway, walk through the beautiful fairy tale streets through Bruges and explore Iceland as they are perfectly safe for solo female travelers. The local people here are also very co-operative and friendly. They give a warm welcome to the tourists.

1-Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark is the most beautiful and colorful city where you will feel like living in a small town. New meets old in this fable-like a city which features antiquated structures, towering glass and, more. Most of the museums here in this city are free to visit and enjoy the history. You can't pass up a major opportunity for going by the world’s oldest amusement park, which is Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park. For the solo female visitors, the city offers unique and beautiful experiences called meeting the Danes.

This service organizes home dinner with a Danish family or a solo lady and her companion. Expect a traditional Danish feast and a lot of discussion with your newly discovered companions. Try not to miss the goddess Gefjun fountain that delineates the mythology of Denmark's creation and enchantment inside Norse religion.

2-Heidelberg, Germany

Located on the bank of the river Neckar, surrounded by mountain Heidelberg is very beautiful and romantic city. The city is very safe and secure for the solo female travelers. The most notable thing here in this city is Heidelberg castle. Don’t miss to see it because the castle carries a rich history about its peak time. This city is also known as an old town because of many historical churches, university, and castle. Females can easily find here hotels that are for only females.

3-Helsinki, Finland

The capital of Finland is known as the best cities for solo female travelers. The locals here are very friendly and sweet by nature –Thanks to them. The city is loaded with beauty, parks, shopping malls, museums and a lot of more to explore. If you fully want to appreciate this city, then you have to go on a walking tour to see the rich heritage and culture of this city. Then, of course, you can move to shopping malls because I know females can’t live without shopping. You will also find here the oldest pool that was built in 1928. Before moving forward, take a dip in this pool. This pool is recently renovated to house three pools and beautiful saunas. This is the place where women meet each other and have a swim and sauna followed by a drink. This all is done without clothes on.

4-Osolo, Norway

It is a dream place where every tourist wishes to go and explore the natural beauty and rich heritage. At times, it is a bit expensive, but you will find many cheap places for dining and shopping here. This is Norway’s largest city that is overflowing with the thing to do and experience. Here the female solo travelers will feel very safe while doing anything, no matter where they stay. You will find here women only floor in the oldest Grand hotel. This hotel is at least 130 years old and attractive place for the tourists around the world. You will meet many other solo female travelers while wandering around the Vigeland Sculpture Park. The park covers 80 acres and feature 212 bronze and granite sculptures. So, if you want to find female friends like you then go to this park. You will experience unforgettable moments and places here.

5-Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is an extremely friendly and safe city for female visitors. Art galleries lines in the streets, snow-capped Alps loom in background, historical museums, and the night clubs and night life here is something that you will find and enjoy here. If you are a shopping lover lady then there is no shortage for you in this place. In the streets, you will find jewelry makers, candle makers, cobblers, metal smiths, tailors and much more. For great and safe accommodation you have a lot of choices, but then also you feel nervous then I will suggest you go to Lady’s first design hotel. This hotel is specifically built for the females only. To explore the real beauty of this city you have to stroll through the busy streets and parks .Here you will also find the hottest nightlife. So if you want to find new friends or want to dance then there is no better place than this city.


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