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Safety Tips For Women Travelers in India

Updated on September 4, 2014
Women traveler in India
Women traveler in India

There is a unfortunate trend of crimes against women travelers in India. The rising incidents of rapes have raised concerns of safety of women travelers in India. However there are precautions that you can take to prevent any such situation and have a safe trip to India. Below I have mentioned some very important tips.

Before You Travel

Don’t Travel Alone

It is advised that women tourists should not visit India alone. Always have a male companion. You can travel in group if you do not have a male companion.

Inform Local Authorities

There are certain areas in rural India where foreign tourists should not visit without at least informing the state government. By informing the state government in advance you can count on it to provide you safety. For example an incident in Madhya Pradesh could have been avoided, had the Swiss tourist informed state government.

Choose Hotel Wisely

According to the data of Delhi Police, around 29% of incidents against women travelers take place either in hotels or by hotel staff. In most incidents these are budget hotels or hostels. There is hardly any security at such hotels. Besides hotel owners don't do police verification of people before hiring. This is one major reason why people with criminal record work at small time hotel and target foreign tourists.

I would strongly urge women tourists not to stay below a 3 Star Hotel. You will find several hotels in 3 Star range or above within your budget.

When in India

Don't Travel in Dark

This is the golden rule to protect you during visit to India. No matter whether you are traveling within the city or to another city, simply do not travel at night. Wake up early in the morning so that you can come back to hotel before dark. Please remember that more than 68% of crimes against women take place after dark.

Public Transport

If possible use public transport even within the city. In cities like Delhi, Mumbai you can travel through Metro Train Service. Bus is also good mode of traveling within the city.

You can also travel through taxis but don't pick any random taxi for tour of the city. Picking a taxi on your own could turn out costly. You should call a professional taxi service. If you don't know any such service then better asks your hotel to arrange one taxi for you. Most hotels have contact with taxi services that are trustworthy. They have been carrying tourists around on daily basis.

Don't Take Lift

Never ever take lift from a stranger or a person whom you have met at restaurant or some other place. There are several incidents where people by offering lift have robbed or raped foreign tourist.

What to Carry

Avoid wearing too much jewelry. Leave the precious items at hotel when you tour the city. Carry only the required amount of cash for sightseeing and eating at the restaurant. Several restaurants do accept Credit Cards. Also do not carry your passport around. Keep it safe at the restaurant.

Avoid Taking to Men

You should avoid being friendly to men in India. Even educated middle class urban women in India do not talk to strange men. If you need any kind of help its better to ask women or aged men. If a man approaches you then don't smile at him. Instead of shaking hand simply fold both your hands and say Namaste.

By taking these simple steps, you can protect yourself better in India. In fact you are less likely to be victim of crime if you follow these simple steps and take precautions.

Do's and Don't for Women Travelers

Take Help From Women
Avoid talking to men
Wear appropriately
Don't wear revealing clothes
Stay off the streets in Dark
Accept Alcohol drink from Strangers
Take Taxi/Rickshaw at night
Take lift from stranger


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