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San Cipriano, Colombia

Updated on March 11, 2013
San Cipriano
San Cipriano | Source
San Cipriano
San Cipriano | Source

San Cipriano is a small town near Buenaventura, Colombia, which is located in a subtropical forest. The main attraction is the river that runs through the town of San Cipriano and the surrounding forest. Half of the fun of this adventure is the maner in which one is transported from the highway to the river.

The adventure begins at a point off the highway where one encounters a mode of transportation foreign to anything that one has ever experienced. There is an old abandoned railroad with tracks that are narrower than what is normal. They run from that point through the forest to the town of San Cipriano. I think that these tracks probably serviced a gold mining operation years ago.

Old Railroad
Old Railroad | Source

The vehicle that you sit on is called a "brujita." A brujita is a small bench structure built on a small platform. Attached to this platform is a motorcycle that has its wheels resting on one of the rails.

Brujita | Source

When a brujita is full of people it starts its journey winding through the subtropical forest. It is a very interesting ride. You travel through tunnels, over bridge tresels, through forests and fields. The journey goes on for some time. You eventually arrive at the small town of San Cipriano, where one has to walk through to reach the river.

Tunnel | Source

The river is crystal clear cold water river with a strong current. It is an excellent place to view nature or just relax swimming or playing in the river. Most people bring food and drinks to enjoy while there. This is an excellent way to spend a day.

Relaxing in the River
Relaxing in the River | Source
Refreshing | Source

Take a ride on a Brujita to San Cipriano


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