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San Diago R O C K S

Updated on March 11, 2011

What to Catch

'Taking' San Diego for the first time can be quite a 'whoah' as in overwhelming,
especially when you discover all that there is to do. It certainly hit me hard. I ended up spending most of my time doin the beach, with a few jaunts to restaurants that garnished my five day vacation. I stayed at the famous Del Coronado, where two movies were made. There ample evidence of this throughout the hotel. Don't believe I've ever scene so many photos of Marlyn Monroe in one place.

My next visit took in most of the attractions listed below. Subsequent visits I was back doin the beach and the restaurant scene, as I did my first visit.

Deciding where to go and what to try and do can be quite daunting if you haven't planned before hand.

Doin the beach.
Care not what the season, the beach is one area that personifies the whole San Diego lifestyle. Whether your watching the tide come in or watchin the babes and hunks, or soaking in the sun, the beach is where the action is, in more ways than one. From Mission Beach (very hot) to the Belmont Park roller-coaster. (I only barfed once)

Fish Taco

Tasting a fish taco ?
Although it may sound a bit weird, the fish taco is one of the best foods in San Diego and very popular. Deep fried, battered fish encased in a corn tortilla is among the foods that after you try it the first time - you'll crave anytime you come back! Unless your me. One was enough, and I did finish it.

Heading to like, Mexico ?
It's no secret that San Diego borders Mexico, with Tijuana being a metropolis in its own right. Visting Tijuana or Baja Mexico is perfectly safe day or night, no matter what you have heard. Keep in mind that they have their own laws, bring your passport, then
enjoy everything that this foreign paradise will provide. I didn't, and won't, no matter how safe they say it is. Flying into Mexico may be alot safer for my blood.

Take a ride on the trolley.
San Diego doesn't have the best public transit system, yet
they are doing have the well known trolley. The highways here can be quite
intimidating, making the trolley the perfect route to travel. In case you
want to understand more about the city, simply buy an all day trolley
pass - you'll see more of San Diego in this way than you ever thought

Balboa Park
The jewel of the city. The atmosphere is breathtaking here, no matter when you visit. On Tuesdays however; you will find that most museums have free admission. After you visit some time, dine at the Prado Restauraunt and experience great food in a great setting.

Doin the Zoo Thang
While Sea World and Legoland has their share of animals, the San Deigo zoo is right up there with them. The zoo a tourist attraction, with the baby Su Lin Panda, which is a family favorite. Whenever you visit the San Diego Zoo, visit in the am - the animals are most active then.

The Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego is place to be
for dancing, eating, people watching or just plain Party-ing with a capital 'P'. You can experience the best of life in San Diego here, to suit every taste.

The Old Town
Historical San Diego might not be apparent to some visitors, the discovery of the Old Town State Historic Park can bring back the past for anybody's taste, no matter what the age. There are snippets of Old San Diego found everywhere you look in this area. Although there are lots of fine restaurants here as well, like the Old Town Mexican Cafe.


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