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San Diego Comic Con

Updated on May 16, 2013


The San Diego comic con is a very important event for gamer geeks and comic crazies.

It is pretty much a nerd fest of the most epic proportions.

Fans from all over the whole world attend these once in a year events.

Comic cons sell out faster than almost anything and I think tickets must be bought quite a while before the event happens.

Its no big deal though because everyone buys them early and there easy to order.

The San Diego Comic con is one of two comic cons and the other is the New York Comic con or NYCC for short.

These "cons" feature interviews with celebrities, new announcements, movies and much much more.

Exclusives are also available for purchase for attendees as well as other toys.


The atmosphere in comic con is always ridiculous but in a good way. You will see many fans walking around in superhero costumes and some people standing in line for a show.

There are displays on almost every corner of the comic con so people can look and take pictures. People are nice and just walking around.

Some people even take pictures with kids while in superhero costumes. It truly is a great place to visit because the atmosphere and people are just great. Plus I think they have food stands at some corners or stops too.


Exclusives are really hot especially when the first come out unfortunately they are only sold to people who are at the comic con. Still, these items can be obtained from online retailers such as Ebay, and Amazon. When they first release exclusives they cant stay on the shelf they sell for big money in the $200 range. Unfortunately after a while these "exclusives" become cheaper and more in quantity so that can be a downfall for some people. Of course this only happens sometimes and the price doesn't come down to much. Most of the time exclusives are action figures, but still some can be movies or comics.

Announcements & Reveals

There are many announcements and reveals at comic con. Most of these are superhero movies or video games. Announcements such as Man of Steel, Avengers, and other movies are usually told and small teaser trailers come with them. Famous comic makers and celebrities such as Stan Lee, Robert Downy Jr and others come to comic con to make announcements and sometimes sign autographs. The display is usually great to they have like action figures all lined up and new action figure prototypes on display too. Comic reveals are also on display sometimes.


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