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San Francisco’s Opal Hotel

Updated on April 10, 2012
A markerOpal Hotel -
1050 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA
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San Francisco's Opal Hotel is affordable

There are many hotels to choose from in San Francisco. Some of them are famous. Some of them are infamous. And plenty of them are comfortable. So why would you choose The Opal Hotel over any of the others? Well, to be honest, the rates have a lot to do with it. This hotel is a very affordable hotel but it isn’t a crappy budget hotel. You get a beautiful space with a few nice amenities in a convenient location in the heart of the city and you don’t have to pay the hundreds of dollars a night that you might pay at hotels in the area that have bigger names.

The Opal Hotel has been open for more than one hundred years. It exudes the wonderful historic charm of such an old building although of course it’s been updated with modern conveniences so that today’s traveler can enjoy a stay there. What does this mean in practice? It means that you can enjoy the baby grand piano and lovely antiques in the lobby but you don’t have to sacrifice free Wi-Fi. It means that you can gaze out of the beautiful stained glass windows onto the city and think about the terrific architecture of this great old space but you can also head down to the gym and use the twenty-first century equipment located there.

The Opal Hotel is conveniently located at Van Ness and Geary. There are major bus lines that run frequently along Geary. In one direction they’ll take you straight to Union Square and the city’s shopping and in the other direction you can head through Japantown to Golden Gate Park and out near the ocean. It isn’t a completely glamorous location; it’s not the tallest building in downtown or the one closest to Fisherman’s wharf, but it’s a good convenient location. It has many things within walking distance including restaurants, museums and many local live theaters as well as the major venues for San Francisco’s ballet, symphony and opera.

The architecture of the building may date back a century and the amenities may be modern but if you get in the mood for something in the middle, circa American 1950s, then you need only to step into the diner associated with the hotel. It’s convenient food in a fun atmosphere while you’re staying at this hotel although you really are located near so many restaurants that you’ll have plenty of other options if this isn’t your thing.

The one negative thing to know about this hotel is that the regular rooms are a bit small. San Francisco hotel rooms tend to be small anyway and they’re even smaller here so if that’s an issue for you then you may want to upgrade to a suite for more space. When you do you’ll actually be getting a room that feels more spacious than many hotel rooms in the city because the suites have really tall ceilings that increase the feel of the room’s size. Since the hotel is affordable for the area it’s reasonable to upgrade to this larger space.


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