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San Jose

Updated on May 23, 2015

San Jose

The city of San Jose lies on the San Andreas Fault, the tectonic boundary between the North American and the Pacific Plate. Maybe that’s the reason why the area is also the epicenter of another moving giant: Silicon Valley is not a coincidence that we are talking about silicon, the most common element in Earth’s crust. San Jose appears to be a place where the most ordinary thing in the world became something extraordinary and worth of paying attention.

Around 1980, a high concentration of makers of semiconductors (made of silicon, of course) and technology companies replaced the agriculture industries that were placed in the valley. We could call that moment, the genesis of the future. A future that now is our present, but, still, is currently our future. Silicon Valley growth has not stopped (and is not expected to stop). And all of that took place there; it was possible in San Jose.

The city was found on November 29, 1777; when United States of America was giving their first steps, with just a little more than one year old. In 1849 was declared the first capital of California (although in 1951 lost that title) is almost like it was there from the beginning. And despite is not longer the capital of its state still nowadays keeps trend setting and opens the path to a promising future.

This vigorous and pushful city is loved by bachelors and families by equal Academics and workers, Adults and kids. Ranked as one of the most secure big cities of the United States, is also full of educational and job opportunities, universities, and green spaces, cultural and recreational activities.

One of the greatest wonders of San Jose, is that is a city where you can walk, enjoying the beautiful landscape and the warm weather. Imagine sightseeing the Cathedral Basilica of St Joseph, the Kelley Park, the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, the Chateau Char Marron Peony Gardens or the Chinese Cultural Garden. All those circuits with the Sun at your side, with a low chance of rain, because the mountains protects you.

At night, you can give a chance to all kind of stars. A choice is to embrace the arts by going to the Ballet or the Theater (there are a wide range of options). And we cannot forget about the Lick Observatory, where several Moons of Jupiter were discovered. One can think that does not matter if you are sitting next to a big, big giant. San Jose is capable of visualize you, and, also, give you an identity.

Where was Smash Mouth born? Yes, in San Jose. The music band started as a ska formation, but, with the years, reached a sound colored by multiples rhythms of all around the globe. They were laddered by Steve Harwell, made seven records and two compilation albums. They were (and are) worldwide known. In pop culture, more than one could listen Smash Mouth for the first time thanks of a cover they made for Shrek Original Soundtrack. Smash Mouth is also a great soundtrack for a walk through Lake Cunningham, Martial Cottle Park, Los Alamitos Creek Trail, the Alum Rock Park, Rosicrucian Park, or Los Gatos Creek Trail.

If you are a sporty person, you have a lot here to fall in love with. Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey and Baseball have representative steams and passionate fans in San Jose. Good chances to put on a T-shirt and work and feel as a group. You can also work as a group at one of the many leader companies that had landed to make San Jose a little more prosperous is really nice to be part of the change.

The Cosmopolitan spirit is everywhere in San Jose, marked from the beginning by multicultural events and personalities. In fact, its official name has the diacritical mark because of its Hispanic origins: San Jose is Spanish for Saint Joseph.

What can we say about San Jose’s home, California? Well, it is the most populous state of the US. More than 38 million people live there (and one of them are in San Jose). Is also one of the bigger states by area (third, behind Texas and Alaska).In California you can find Nature’s majestic treasures, as the Yosemite National Park, the Mojave Desert and the Pacific Ocean Coast. There are also a flora full of superlative records (tallest ands largest trees) and a topography that make it a geologist’s paradise. Besides the already mentioned Silicon Valley, California also has another international meca: Hollywood. Since its foundation, millions of people have been dreaming with achieve success here. California is, without a doubt, a well known international spot. And, of course in the United States, because a major city like Los Angeles is settled here.

San Jose is placed in northern California. It is the largest city within the Bay Area and the county seat of the Santa Clara County. It is also near other iconic American cities: San Francisco (Golden Gate town and a relevant financial center) and Palo Alto (one of the most important places for cybernetics), to name only a few.

Let’s imagine that we arrive for the first time here, to San Jose (by plane, bus or car). We can go downtown, where a lot of magic happens. But what exactly, It will depends of the time of the year. If we are near Christmas; we have to go to Cesar Chavez Park. The kids will love that. They can skate on ice and say hello to Santa Claus. Then, we can visit the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo and after that, go shopping in the Flea Market or the San Pedro Square Market. There are also a bunch of malls.

The food will remember us the cosmopolitan place where we are: Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Arabian, Greek, and Japanese. We can have it all!

And speaking of multiple cultures in coexistence, we have to say that San Jose has one of the oldest Sister Cities programs in the United States. This agreement has participants from three continents: America, Asia and Europe. The Sister Cities of San Jose are in Mexico (Veracruz and Guadalajara) and Costa Rica (San Jose) in the Americas, Ireland (Dublin) in Europe, and Japan (Okayama), Taiwan (Tainan), India (Pune) and Russia (Yekaterinburg) in Asia. This concept allows cultural and commercial promotion; to encourage trade and tourism between San Jose and these eight sister cities.

One of the most famous sons of San Jose is Steve Wozniak. The cofounder of Apple is natural of this city. He met Steve Jobs (who was born in San Francisco) and move to Palo Alto to redefine cybernetics design. Wozniak is still today, a reference and an active figure of his field of study. He went to Berkeley University, which is also in California. “Woz” is a perfect synthesis of the spirit of this town.

Josh Holloway was also born in San Jose. The actor became a celebrity when he was a leading in the TV series “Lost”, which, despite of being only 10 years old, is already a modern classic. “Lost” is also responsible of start approaching television as if it were cinema. Josh Holloway character was Sawyer, the tough man who was the favorite of the female audience.

San Jose is a great place to start a family life. And, despite the housing market is expensive in the area, there are a lot of working opportunities for the parents and excellent education system for the kids. The little ones have also numerous parks and playgrounds where they can develop happy and healthy. The adults, on their side, can also became successful professionals and develop their dream career. And we should not forget that we are in the best place of the world to get first hand technology. All advances in technology (in a global scale) are, literally, just around the corner.

We said at the beginning of this article, that San Jose lies on San Andreas Fault. Yes, San Jose is one of the places where the United States of America joins Asia. Asia is a continent full of avant-garde technology with lots of millenary cultures. In Japan, for example, at this precise moment, is tomorrow. We could say that in San Jose, California; is also tomorrow right now. And, in spite of San Andreas Fault, it does in a peacefully communion between tech and daily routine. The Sun itself smiles when raises over Silicon Valley. In San Jose, the last news on cybernetic embraces the park where you love to play with your child. This city opens its arms to the world and shares all its potential with the globe,

For all of this, San Jose is a place to visit. As a tourist, there are a lot of things to do and enjoy. It is full of surprises. As a resident, you can find there a beautiful family place to raise your kids, and also a competitive city whose citizens are constantly changing the world.


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