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San Jose Costa Rica

Updated on December 31, 2010

An Honest Opinion

Being a surfer for most of my life and reading about Costa Rica in all the surfing magazines really fueled my excitement to visit Costa Rica. I speak a bit of Spanish and I figured that I could easily learn more if I was forced to speak it everyday. My Spanish did improve while I was in Costa Rica I had plenty of crazy adventures her are 2 of the experiences that I had while visiting San Jose.

One of our friends gave us a voucher for 2 nights at a 5 star hotel right down the street from the bus station. This hotel was way better that we would have ever needed and we were very thankful that our friends had given us this gift. Because we were on our way to Hawaii and we needed to stay a day or so in San Jose.

My wife and daughter say that I am always the one who doesn't trust people but I say I am observant and I have watched alot of TV when I was a kid plus I have a very good imagination. Hence I pick up on alot of things that other people might miss. I study human behavior and from having 5 sisters all talking at once I can listen to several conversations at once.

I noticed that the hotel had been under constriction for 5 years, which is sort of normal in Costa Rica. But then I noticed which wasn't hard that they put us in a room way far away from everyone and there was only one way to get to the front desk and out of the building. It was a total set up . They knew we were leaving the country for the USA the though we were rich and we could never leave our room unattended.

The girls thought I was being paranoid again Come on Dad you are always coming up with these theories and sort of snikered. Ok I said just to test my theory Mom and I will go to the store you stay in the room and see if anyone comes. I said I bet that when we get half way out of the building the maid will radio the who ever and someone will just come busting in the door with some bull shit excuse about putting m and Ms in the fridge. You guessed it It was the cable guy He didn't knock he just came right in.

When we complained to the front desk they acted apathetic. I told them to call if they wanted to enter. We never left our belongings alone and the same incident happened 3 times in our short stay. this was my first time at a 5 star hotel and I wasn't impressed at all. Ha ha .

Yes just like everywhere there are nice people and not so nice and down the line. We were privileged to meet some very nice honest people in Costa Rica many of the people there are very happy and loving so I wouldn't say the whole place is bad. Just watch your 6 man seriously.

Trauma at The Bus Terminal!

Ok yes I had an Indain looking women put her hand in my pocket and try to pull out I think I had candy in there, Because in Costa Rica I always wore my wallet and PP around my waste. try to pick pocket that one ;-) I got up set with her of course as everyone could see that her hand was caught in my pocket ;-) Ah hum. but that wasnt the trauma and I was only really kidding abouty the trauma but some people whouls have trauma if well yo uwil seee.

In Costa Rica they charge you for toilet paper at the bus stop it wasn't much but even if you don't need it you have to buy it. If you get my drift. there are usually ladies that take care of the banos and the do I pretty good job of it. I was staying at a five star hotel and it dam sure wasn't safe in there!

Any way I had to go to the bathroom and I payed the lady for the TP and went in to the bath room. Everything seemed normal until I noticed that a women that obviously worked their was standing over the urinals looking at all the guys urinating?

What the hell ? I am staying at a five star hotel and I cant even enjoy the city with my family because every time we try to leave the room the hotel staff converges on our room like vultures and now there is a Costa Rican women checking your you know what? This place is a trip.

So my Spanish is good enough by now to be able to ask the guy that is standing in front of me .

Is this normal in Costa Rica??? Are the service lady's allowed to look at us while we go to the bathroom. This was a new one on me. I am pretty modest and I am not really used to other women checking me out other than my wife of course.

Many of the guys were lining up in front of the stalls because they didn't want to have there package checked by the bathroom lady. The guy I asked looked terrified that I would even ask such a question. He didnt know jack if you know what I mean!

Anyway I didn't want to rob myself of a great story and I went up to the urinal and did my business in front of her. I walked up and started a conversation with her as she watched me do my business.

After I told my wife and daughter and they about fell on the floor. It was really funny. I never really figured out what that lady was doing. Another great Costa Rican moment.

Again kids remember to watch your 6 because in Costa Rica someone is probably watching your #1 ;-)


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  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

    Thank you for this useful Hub about Costa Rica. I've never been. But if I go I will watch my "six." :D