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Sand, Sea and the Sun: A trip to Goa

Updated on July 25, 2013
Reet and Apurba: enjoying wet sand in their feet
Reet and Apurba: enjoying wet sand in their feet | Source
Sun dipping in the sea
Sun dipping in the sea | Source
Sea and the special feel of sea around .......
Sea and the special feel of sea around ....... | Source
Donna Paula
Donna Paula | Source
Reet at Musium
Reet at Musium | Source
Se Cathedral
Se Cathedral | Source
Se Cathedral
Se Cathedral | Source
Se Cathedral
Se Cathedral | Source
Outside The Basilica of Bom Jesus
Outside The Basilica of Bom Jesus | Source
Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus | Source
Beach at Brittos - the eating joint
Beach at Brittos - the eating joint | Source
Brittos : The eating joint
Brittos : The eating joint | Source
Brittos: The interiors of Britos though the sea could not not be shown so clear in this pic
Brittos: The interiors of Britos though the sea could not not be shown so clear in this pic | Source
Durga temple illuminated in night lighting
Durga temple illuminated in night lighting | Source
Reception decor at Taj Vivanta
Reception decor at Taj Vivanta | Source
Our room at Taj Vivanta
Our room at Taj Vivanta | Source
The inside hotel view from our floor balcony
The inside hotel view from our floor balcony | Source
Last evening of the trip
Last evening of the trip | Source
Last dinner of the Goa trip
Last dinner of the Goa trip | Source

Take off and here we go ....!!!!!!

On 22nd Oct, 2012 during the Durga Puja festival we have made a trip to Goa. We have planned to just unwind from our hectic life style and to have some relaxing time together with our son. We boarded an early morning flight at around 7-50 AM from Guwahati Airport and so we left home at 6 AM. We had to change our flight at Mumbai Airport for Goa. So we had a light lunch in the Mumbai Airport itself after collecting the boarding passes. Throughout the flight I preferred to sleep to relax well. At 3-58 PM we had landed in Goa Airport – Dublin Airport to be precise.

First impression !!!!!!

The sea from the sky was fantastic to view. Once we all felt like the Aeroplane was about to land on the sea itself. But to our relive at last we saw the Airport. The Dublin Airport is a very small yet a cute Airport. There is a weird air of some aboard feeling to the place. May be this was because there were more foreigners then Indian people. The Airport was surprisingly small and rather it has got a different feel of some body’s home atmosphere to be very specific. There is this surprising cosy feel also to the place as the people were very friendly and simple.

The Feel of Goa !!!!!!

As soon as we came out of the exit door of the sweet little Dublin Airport we met with one fellow with our name card and he was sent to welcome us by Rohit, my husband Apurba’s friend who is now settled in Goa. It’s nice a feel to be welcomed in a different place like that way. Then we first went to South Goa by the car that has been sent to us.

We checked in a hotel named to be Colba Kinara in South Goa. But we did not like it though the hotel was quite newly developed but somehow there was this suffocating feeling. We went out for a walk in the sea side and nearby places. There were rush of many tourists from different areas of India. We saw many Bengali tourists out there. It was comparatively hot also. It was around 7 PM and we somehow did not feel that much good to walk around and decided to have an early dinner. The restaurant of our hotel was well equipped and we had a nice dinner with King Fish dish which my hubby and son enjoyed thoroughly. But I was heartily satisfied with Matter Mushroom dish and fried rice. Then we decided to shift the next morning to North Goa as per a detailed discussion with Apurba’s friend. He said North Goa is the most happening place. So we slept on the hope to enjoy the most happening North Goa next day.

Goan people and coconut trees !!!!!

We had breakfast and Apurba’s friend send us a vehicle to shift to North Goa and around 11 AM, we left South Goa which almost felt like some interior area of Assam itself. Mainly we felt like the Duliajan and Digboi localities with its greenery and narrow roads. The very homely atmosphere with large compounded houses of the Goan people with Coconut trees everywhere made us feel something very different which is not easily explainable.

Taj Vivanta and our home away from home!!!!!!

Then we checked in to the Hotel Taj Vivanta in North Goa. Very nice and warm reception with welcoming drink made us feel at home at once we entered the luxurious Hotel. From 23rd to 25th Oct we stayed there. It was a very nice experience so far. Then we decided we shall go again to Goa for some more days latter and sure going to stay in Taj Vivanta only. The staffs were so friendly and the whole atmosphere is kind of a life time experience. Rohit send us a vehicle with a very friendly driver Francis. Then after we freshened up, we went out for see and feel GOA.
First Francis took us to have lunch to a beautiful Chinese Restaurant as Son wanted to have Chowmin. We had a sumptuous Chinese lunch of many dishes, just a perfect and relaxed lunch. Then we headed to Donna Paula and two main big churches to see. It was a hot day and during the whole sightseeing Francis was telling us about the history, culture of Goa and its native people. It was a nice experience altogether. Francis was persuading us to go for the evening River cruise but as I don’t like to be among very much hustle bustle of the crowd so we preferred to visit some beaches where there is not much of a rush. He had taken us to Kullangatu Beach. It was a nice place with lesser people around. Then we headed for our hotel and after a quick shower we prepared to go out for dinner with Rohit. He picked us up at around 8-30 PM. We heard all Assamese songs throughout the journey to the Restaurent which we enjoyed a lot. Rohit enjoys collecting Assamese collections of new and old albums. We enjoyed the food out there. Mainly Reet was very happy to taste the tiger prawns for the first time in his life and he quite instantly liked the taste.

Good meet again!!!!!

Next day we had a nice hearty breakfast at our hotel and decided to have a relaxing day ahead. We all enjoyed our leisurely bath and dressed up to explore market places around. We visited some showrooms. We did some shopping of T-Shirts for Apurba and Reet with a gift for Rohit. Then we headed for hotel again to keep the shopping and then left to beach. Francis took us to a place called Brittos, it’s a seaside restaurant in Bagutta beach and I was happy to click the setting sun in the sea from the sands of the eating joint itself. It was a huge place at just the sea side and the Restaurant has got its own beach and so it was a very different feel altogether. Waiters were all dressed in hip beach style shirts and the floor was raw sand. The décor of the place was very indigenous and one of its kind. I really loved the free spirit of the place and the menu was very much extensive. Apurba ordered a sea food platter and French fries with coffee and beer for him. Reet had some pastries. We went for little window shopping after we had finished with our food around the corner before leaving the place. The area was too noisy and the roads were full with tourists from across the globe. Then we left for our hotel through a very traffic laden road. It took us much time to reach. As we had to leave Goa early morning next so we had planned to have dinner in the hotel itself. Rohit came to meet us and bid goodbye and we gifted him the gift we bought for him. After dinner I had done the packing and slept. Next morning got up at 4 AM as we had to get ready to leave Goa for Mumbai. We left the Taj Vedanta around 6AM for the Dublin Airport. Taj people at Vedanta were very hospitable and they made a nice and hearty breakfast for three of us. We really enjoyed so much our stay at Taj Vedanta that we made it a point to book again there only whenever next we visit Goa. Rohit’s Innova was waiting out there to see us off at the Airport.

God bless GOA!!!!!!!!!!!

And my heart was aching to think the time when I will again set my foot in the wonderful place next! The blue sky, the azure sea, the lovely breeze, the free spirited people were all that I will miss very much. We have visited many places in our life but the Goan feel was actually very different and the exotic place has got a precise blessing may be from Almighty. I do hope fervently that very soon I shall be able to feel the Goan Air against my face! Amen!

Family trip to Goa....

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Taj Vivanta, Panaji, Goa

Vivanta by Taj Panaji Goa, India:
Panjim, Goa, India

get directions

A wonderful hotel to unwind with your family when in Goa....:-)


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    • dghbrh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Hi Sunil,

      Cant thank you more. I have done the editing and Thank you again for pointing it out here.

      And thanks again for your invitation. I will sure like to see your land Kerala some time. Take care and God bless you


    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 

      5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Read the hub and enjoyed it. But I request you to read your first para as some edit required there. Some problems there and please rectify. Like you I too enjoyed my Goan trips and had done a couple of hubs on the trip and the experience I had. Please read them. I also invite you to my land Kerala also known as "The God's Own Country" . Make it your next travel destination on the next vacation. I am sure you will love it. Thank you for sharing a wonderful experience in Goa.

    • dghbrh profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Many thanks for making your time to drop here@ignugent.....Glad that you have liked the hub here and pictures as well. You are always welcome. I hope you too have a great day ahead...take care and God bless you


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What a beautiful place! I really enjoy reading the details of your trip. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

      Have a great day!

    • dghbrh profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Many thanks my dear are SHINING bright for me more then IRISH EYES for sure.....!

      Your comments are really so precious for me always. Thanks for being there with us in the trip and in my life. God bless you


    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      This adventure with your family sounds wonderful. From the churches, the desirable and decadent meals, the open air markets to the wistful beaches, this sounds truly like a vacation made in Heaven.

      Thank you for bringing me along to such an exotic and interesting region such as Goa. So glad to experience this through your eyes as well as your dear family.

      Many blessings

      Voting up and sharing so others may enjoy as well.


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