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Sanpete County, Utah

Updated on December 20, 2012

The Mormon Temple in Manti, Sanpete County, Utah

Introducing Sanpete County, Utah

Located just south of Utah County (home of Provo) is a rural area where a city person can go and enjoy the country life. Sanpete County, right smack in the center of the state of Utah, has lots of personality and several reasons to visit.

I first became familiar with the Sanpete area when I moved there from Orem to go to school at Snow College in Ephraim. I soon thereafter fell in love with the area. I finished my two-year degree there and would have stayed longer if they had four-year programs.

My wife and I were married in the LDS Temple in Manti.

I visit this area at least a few times each year, so I figured I'd dedicate a hub to some of the great things about the area.

Cities and Towns of Sanpete County

Sanpete County is made up of a dozen or so cities and towns. Here they are:


Ephraim - Home of Snow College

Fairview - Entrance to the scenic Skyline Drive area.

Fountain Green


Manti - location of the Manti LDS Temple.


Milburn - Small town north of Fairview, tight-knit farming community.

Moroni - Known for its turkey farms

Mount Pleasant

Spring City - This city is known as a place of inspiration for artists. It is also the burial place of Orson Hyde and other prominent Mormon pioneers.


A (Slowly) Growing Community

While I was attending Snow College from 1997-1999, the first stop light in the entire county was installed on Main Street in Ephraim. All the shopping was done at local stores and restaurants.

Although comparatively moderate, the county has seen some growth, especially in Ephraim, around the school. A Wal-Mart was built in 2002. Just recently Sanpete County got its first Little Caesars Pizza restaurant, providing the communities around Ephraim and Manti with pizza and other fast food items.

Still, even with the modern additions to the area, Sanpete County has maintained its rural charm. The population is still Mayberry-like in size, and the folks there have an easygoing-ness about them that is refreshing.

If you're traveling through Utah and have some extra time, stop in to one of the cities in Sanpete County and grab a bite at the local diner. You'll enjoy it!

Snow College Football

Football Games at Snow College provide entertainment for students and the surrounding Sanpete County community in the fall.
Football Games at Snow College provide entertainment for students and the surrounding Sanpete County community in the fall.


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