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Santa Marta Colombia

Updated on March 11, 2013
Santa Marta
Santa Marta | Source

This Spanish Colonial city was founded in 1533, and has grown to about a million people and now is the fifth largest city in Colombia. People have moved here from all over the world and for a while there was a migration of wealth from Bogota. Long ago the city was protected by a fort called Fort San Felipe de Barajas. It was constructed between 1639 and 1657 and expanded in 1762. They also built about 7 miles of walls around the city. The entire project from engineering to completion took over 208 years. The fort was never breached. It still stands tall ready to defend Cartagena. It is a popular tourist site.


This beach in Santa Marta is in the Tayrona National Park that consists of 15,000 hetares of area between land and sea. The park stretches from the Caribbean Sea to the Sierra Nevada.

Beach in the Tayrona National Park
Beach in the Tayrona National Park | Source

Santa Marta combines fine beaches along with modern developments and a breathtaking backdrop of the Sierra Nevada. It is a very attractive combination that attracts beach lovers all over Colombia.


Like Cartagena, Santa Marta has some streets and neighborhoods that are very delightful. The people living here take great pride in home ownership and the appearance of their streets.


No mater where you go there are breathtaking views of the sea and the mountains. The buildings with their unique architecture also stands out.


Here is another beach in the Tayrona National Park. These beaches are protected and always in pristine condition. All of the beaches in the Tayrona National Park can only be accessed by walking through the trails within the Park. There are no roads to any of these remarkable beaches.

Beach in Tayrona National Park
Beach in Tayrona National Park | Source

Santa Marta, Colombia has some of the finest Real Estate in Colombia. The beach Real Estate is in very high demand.


This is a great video of Santa Marta but it is only one minute in duration. Enjoy!


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