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Santorini An Island Paradise

Updated on May 8, 2011

Santorini Is Paradise On An Island

Spending 5 nights on Santorini with my daughter was a nice relaxing time,I did learn a few things along the way so I thought I should share them with you.

Research is so important i have learned when you plan a big trip overseas, we went to Paris and a cruise then to Santorini so it was a 3 week trip.

I have also published some info about Paris and the Cruise.

Santorini is an island paradise

A Little About Santorini

Flying in to this small islands was not a spectacular event, the airport is a little different from some of the places we have been.
The one thing that does happen here is the place you stay at will come and pick you up in their vans so no need for a taxi, but just check on this when you book your accomodation.

Santorini has 2 main sides , there is Thira (Fira) wich overlooks Thirasia , this is where you will find the cable car and the donkey rides down to the port where the cruise ships and some of the day trip cruises leave from.

Oia is where people flock to see the beautiful sunsets, you have to get there early to get a good spot and also like crowds. Plenty of shopping and places to eat and stay this side as well.

If you stay at Fira you can catch a buss to Oia anyway to see the sunset in action.

Santorini is what remains after a volcancic explosion also know as the pearl in the Aegean Sea.

Most couples and singles hired quad bikes to travel all over the islands , you will not find a problem with this , plenty of quad bikes for hire. The guys that hire these out seem nice enough and will ask every time you walk past if you want to hire one, don't worry they are very friendly and all speak english.

Let us talk about Santorini beaches

Santorini is a place to go if you are a sun lover as they have a few beaches around this island paradise.

Red Beach is 12km away from Fira , it may be a small beach but it gets very busy but just be ready for the walk to get there from the car park.

Perissa Beach is the one beach that all the taxi drivers kept asking if we wanted to go,10km from Fira it is a very busy tourist area with shops and cafes ,also a long stretch of black sandy beach.
From Perissa, a small path crosses the mountain and leads to the ruins of Ancient Thera.
The trips can be made by foot or by donkeys.
A very popular beach and very long. You won't be far from a beach bar . Don't expect seclusion but it's a good beach for a fun, almost party atmosphere.

Kamari beach is similar to Perissa: an impressive long and inviting black sandy beach, characterized by an enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea.
The area offers a great landscape, especially at night, when the rock is lighted.

Perivolos Beach is 3km away from Perissa The beach is known by its sparkling azure blue waters and is among the most tranquil beaches in the whole of Santorini.
On the beachfront there are numerous taverns, pubs and restaurants.

Agios Georgios provides everything a visitor needs, from umbrellas and seats for rent, to hotels and bars that fit every budget. With options galore, visitors are spoilt for choice.This is the most tourist friendly beach that caters to all needs.

Do you believe that there are more beaches but I have given you a taste of the main ones.

Plenty To Eat

Food choices on this island are huge, with the prices not being to bad either. We found some bargains around so I suggest to just walk around a bit and have a look at the menu and see what people are eating. It is hard to find a good coffee , the best one we found was not cheap. The cafe was up high over looking the ocean with the views being amazing. I think you pay for the position and the service, it was a nicer looking cafe and well maintained but the coffee was so good. It was our last day so we splurged by sitting enjoying the last of the views, I ended up having a second cup. It cost over 20 euros for 4 drinks but never mind it was worth every cent.

You can buy your own alcohol at one of the many little corner stores to save money , and they also sell fruit and a few other groceries. If you look a bit further you will find a larger grocery store which we did not find till the last day. So your first day on the island i would go there and stock up a bit on water etc.

The waffles are really nice and most of the cafes sell these, the love nutella so most things with chocolate sauce is actually nutella spread.

Also on our last day we found an eating place called Mama's Place , you have to go the meals are large and service is great. If you go when mama is there you will be entertained, she is a crack up.

Place We Stayed

We stayed in a nice place , the room was very basic but the pool area and outside where really nice, very clean and tidy and George an John looked after us well. You will find that wherever you stay can organize tours and mini buses etc.

Taxi's are best booked with where you are staying, there taxi depot is a joke and the drivers will not take you if they do not like the look of you or if you have more than 3 people. They can be a bit rude and fussy. You can catch the public buses from the main depot just near the taxi depot but you will find that they get over full and cramped.

Next time I will be doing the volcano tour, you have to be ready for a 45 min hike just to get up to it so start the fitness workout before you go. I did not go as my asthma was playing up and I knew I could not do it.

You can also do day ferry trips to some of the islands close by. The fast ferries are very comfy and fast, it is best to book these trips as soon as you get there or even on the internet before you go.

We flew from Athens to Santorini but to save money just book the fast ferry, a lot cheaper.
When booking your accommodation do your research, I would suggest staying on the cliff front if your budget allows .If not at least walking distance to the main shopping area, The place we stayed was a 10 minute up hill walk. Not sure if I recommend this unless you are ready for a workout.
Staying in the heart of the town area will give you the chance to walk around at night without being far for where you are staying. Make sure the place has a pool, it gets bloody hot and we went at the end of summer.

Yummy Food
Yummy Food
Great pool
Great pool


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