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Savannah Georgia: Ghosts, Pirates, And Parks...More Than Just The Garden Of Good And Evil in Historic GA, with Pictures!

Updated on May 2, 2011

Historical Savannah Georgia...

The southeastern part of the United States is full of old history and charm, and you can just imagine what life would have been like 200 years ago or more… Some cities have many old buildings still, even after Sherman burned much of the south down on his way to the Atlantic coast, and Savannah Georgia is one of the most historical sites on the whole Eastern seaboard.

There is more history in Savannah Georgia than you can find most places, and the historical district of the old town is where you need to be to really experience it! Savannah GA has always been one of my favorite cities in the southeast, because of all the parks that are located there and positioned so well. You can stroll around the whole area and find several parks that have been in use for the last 300 years or so, each with its own unique history and traditions. Once such park was the site of at least one public hanging, and probably more… The trees have been left alone to grow for centuries, and in quite a few cases they have grown huge! One of these parks was the site of the famous “Forrest Gump” movie where they filmed Tom Hanks narrating the story while sitting on a park bench. The bench is no longer there (it was positioned just for the movie), but one of the narrators on the tour buses can tell you exactly where it was filmed.

Hop on a Trolley Tour in Savannah Georgia...

The best way to really make sure you see the entire city of Savannah Georgia is by taking one of the trolleys, which are placed onto a route around the historical district. You can board or get off at any of the stops as long as you have a roundtrip pass, but be aware of the operating schedule… You can spend all day getting on and off seeing the sights and lose track of the time. Before you know it, the trolley has stopped running for the day and you are not back to your car yet! Also, there are several trolley tour companies, so make sure you get back on the right one. They are color coded for your convenience…

The waterfront district is amazing, and it’s where all the shopping and restaurant action happens! It’s where all the ships used to tie up when they entered the Savannah GA harbor, to unload cargo and passengers and to load back up again with other goods for the trip home. The streets are lined with cobblestones from the left over ship ballast that they no longer needed when they left. That way they could make good use of it without bringing in new material from elsewhere. If you like to shop, you will love the waterfront area, as it has many heavily touristy places to purchase presents for those left at home. You can spend hours walking up and down this waterfront location, so make sure you bring your walking shoes! Also, don't miss the incredible Tybee Island beach area, just a few minutes from historic Savannah Georgia... Check out the video below to see a view from the lighthouse, it's fantastic!

Tybee Island and Savannah Waterfront...

Savannah Georgia Waterfront District...

The waterfront district is also where you will most likely pick up any of the ghost tour buses, which are very popular in Savannah GA! This town is probably the most haunted city in America, because of its location and pre-revolutionary war history. If you have always been fascinated by ghosts and maybe would like to see one, this is the place! One of these ghost tours will take you on a ride through the old country and point out the various locations of strange deaths, beheadings, murders, and other assorted phenomena related to ghostly sightings and things that go bump in the night… If you’ve ever seen the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, it took place in Savannah Georgia and is a great movie to watch for some of the historical areas of the city. It also shows some of the supernatural side, with its voodoo and other worldly encounters and traditions…

I would highly recommend taking one of these ghost tours of the old town of Savannah Georgia, because you will be amazed at what they tell you. In fact, you will probably also take a night time tour of one of the graveyards in the area, and they will explain the many unmarked graves located there… It’s said that the spirits are upset that they have no headstones to show where they are buried, and they walk the night for all eternity…

The Pirate's House...

Try a Ghost Tour in Savannah Georgia...

Along those lines a must see in Savannah Georgia is the Pirate’s House, built back in 1753 and is the oldest building left in town. Back then it was a place where seafarers and pirates could get food and drink, and other items while on liberty. Today, it is a fantastic restaurant where you can catch a bite for lunch or a nice dinner, but it has a dubious history associated with it… They say that they used to shanghai men who wandered into the bar by getting them drunk and then taking them out to the wharf through a long underground tunnel that led directly there. This was a common practice at that time, because sailing ships were always in need of men to sail from port to port, with not enough applicants. You can see the long tunnel today in the Pirate’s House, and the employees swear that the place is heavily haunted today by several ghosts. At night, they have seen mysterious “people” come and go from the kitchen, and when they go to check it out there is nobody there! They are always hearing strange loud noises and chairs overturning, along with sounds of wailing in the tunnels below… Believe it or not!

Savannah Georgia is simply a place that you can’t miss, and I love to go there whenever I get the chance! If you’re up to it, try one of the haunted rooms at several hotels downtown… There are certain rooms that the employees swear get the most activity, with some guests leaving much before their check out time! Come experience Savannah GA for yourself, I know you’ll enjoy it!

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    • scubadoggy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Savannah is one of the great cities of the south, and I love visiting there whenever I get a chance...

    • Wavecritter profile image


      7 years ago from Cocoa Beach

      "It’s said that the spirits are upset that they have no headstones to show where they are buried, and they walk the night for all eternity…" Yikes =) and Pirates too ... this is a must see town for me ... your writing brings places to life! Thanks :)

    • maria.rose profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Good your hub is very nice & energetic I really appreciate it. It is full knowledge and I shall also try this message that you are giving by your hub is very interesting and getting this we amazingly said Wahoo! Thanks a lot to share this information with us........


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