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Savannah Georgia-Juliette Gordon Low House-The Girl Scouts of America

Updated on September 28, 2010
Founder of the Girl Scouts of America Juliette Gordon Low
Founder of the Girl Scouts of America Juliette Gordon Low

Hours of Operation

 If you ever get the chance to visit Savannah, Georgia one of the stops you must make in the city is the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace. It is located on Oglethorpe Ave.

The hours of operation for the house musuem are usually 10am-4pm Monday through Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sunday. It is closed on major holidays.

Biography of Juliette Gordon Low and the founding of the Girl Scouts of America

Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah, Georgia on October 31, 1860 as Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon. She was affectionatly know as "Daisy" to close friends and family. Growing up the 2nd oldest of 6 children.

Juliette Gordon Low grew up a happy but sensitive child in Savannah, Georgia. She was very active in the arts. Writing poetry, sketching and even writing and acting in plays as a child and as a teenager. She was fond of pets and especially exotic birds. And most don't know that she had an amazing sense of humor.

In her early adult years she was married on her parents 29th wedding anniversary to a wealthy Englishman by the name of William Mackay Low. And even though the couple soon moved to England after the wedding she still divided her time between the British Isles and America.

Following the death of her husband in 1905, Juliette Gordon Low was on a mission to find something useful to do with her life. But this would all change in 1911 when she met a man by the name of Sir Robert Baden-Powell. Sir Robert was the founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. She soon became interested in what he was doing with the youth and became very energized in the fledgling movement.

Less than a year later she moved back to Savannah, Georgia for good. And on March 12, 1912 Juliette Gordon Low gathered 18 girls in Savannah, Georgia for what was to be called the American Girl Guides. Margaret Gordon (her niece) became the first registered member of what is now the Girl Scouts of America.

The Girl Scouts of America bought the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace and restored it in 1953. There is a museum in the basement of the house. It is a definite must see if you ever get the chance to visit Savannah, Georgia.

If you are a former Girl Scout, a current Girl Scout, or a mother of a Girl Scout you will definatly be able to appericiate the history of this home. And the history of the founder, Juliette Gordon Low.


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    • profile image

      daisy 5 years ago

      Im a girlscout and knowing her nickname is my name makes me super happy. Girlscout is my most favorite activity and would never quit. Im going to be her for my wax museum at school so this really helped.

      Peace, your favorite girlscout