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Scenic Drives Are Wonderful Sunday Drives

Updated on June 22, 2009

While many people are probably fretting about the cost of gasoline and the effects that it will have on them going on vacation they might not realize that they can take a vacation just by doing some scenic drives. While driving is going to cost you some money and you might think that the money could be better spent by taking a vacation and staying in a hotel, but for some a hotel might be too expensive and this can be the only type of vacation that they are able to take. Here are some of the benefits of being able to take a scenic drive.

The first benefit of being able to go on a scenic drive is that you will be able to enjoy sights and smells that you might not have seen before. I know that for me I live near a scenic state route that is close enough that I am able to drive to it and enjoy the time and sights without having to worry about the cost of gasoline. Now for some people that do not live close to a scenic drive they might have to leave early in the morning to get the best viewing pleasure.

The second benefit of a scenic drive is that you will learn about areas that are close to your own home and you can visit again and again. Now you might think that you know all that is around your home, but if you go to some of the smaller restaurants and that you will end up finding some of the best food in your area from small local eateries that you might not have heard of before.

The third benefit is that some of these scenic drives will lead you into small towns that have specialty shops that will allow you to purchase some unique gift items for friends and family that you can save until a birthday or holiday. While you might think that some of these shops are a little higher in price compared to your larger stores if it is an item that you cannot find at that larger store or an item that you is handmade then you might consider that the higher price is better.

While people will be trying to save money and stay local anymore today with the cost of gasoline going up a scenic road trip is great for people to stay close to home and still be able to enjoy them. I know that for me I enjoy being able to take a scenic road trip down near the river and see a new site almost each time that I am on this road.

A wonderful picture that I managed to snap from one of my scenic trips
A wonderful picture that I managed to snap from one of my scenic trips

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