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Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens – Successful Application in the Philippines

Updated on February 21, 2014

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The easiest way to get a Schengen visa in the Philippines without a personal interview (possible) is discussed in this page together with the application process and list of requirements for Filipino citizens to get a Schengen visa and travel all the countries and territories listed under the agreement. How much will it cost, where can you get the insurance requirement and the like. So let’s proceed.

Schengen Visa will allow anyone including Filipinos to travel and visit 22 European countries and 3 non-European in just one visa. If you want to visit Europe and some countries around it without processing and attending lots of visa appointments, the Schengen is for you. We all know that as a Philippine passport-holder, we are required to obtain visa in traveling and visiting countries around the world except some ASEAN countries and few more. However, countries like USA, UK, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and more, require us to process visa before out travel. But with Schengen, in one visa, you can visit the following countries and places as long as the visa is valid. Imagine how much money we could save and how many appointments we won’t need once we have this special visa. So so much!

List of countries you can visit having the Schengen Visa (currently 25 countries)



Czech Republic























How long can we stay in the countries listed above?

We can stay up to the allowed time which is a maximum of 90 days in a 6 month period. So you must schedule and book your flights and accommodations for your journey within the timeframe or validity of the Schengen visa.

Can we work or study using the Schengen visa?

Obviously, no. Schengen visa is a “visitor visa” only and is designed for the purpose of tourism, travel, leisure or business.

Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipinos

The requirements for Filipino citizens and Philippine-passport-holders for the application of Schengen visa are as follows. It is recommended to obtain and process the visa in the embassy of the country you want to visit first or the last or the country you want to spend your time longer.

Tips in Schengen Visa Application in the Philippines

  • Before you apply in the embassy of the country you chose, make sure of the following:
  • Complete your requirements and documents first
  • Finalized your flight booking, itinerary, accommodations, tour schedules
  • Double check everything before proceeding to the application of visa
  • You can apply and make an appointment as early as 3 months prior to your European trip
  • Apply at Italy Embassy in Manila since they don’t require personal interview as long as your documents are complete and consistent (other embassies like France, Spain and others require interviews

Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipinos

  • Fully accomplished and signed application form
  • Valid passport (valid at least 6 months from the date of travel)
  • Photocopy of valid passport and former visas (colored photocopy recommended)
  • Passport-sized photos in white background
  • NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • NSO Authenticated Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Invitation Letter addressed to the Embassy if a friend or relative will accommodate the stay of the applicant in his/her house or residence. The letter of invitation however is required to be made by a National, Citizen or Foreign Resident in the country you are applying this visa. This letter of invitation must be supported and accompanied by a document of identity or permit of stay. This Invitation Letter usually has a format and can be downloaded from the embassy or consulate of the country you are applying your visa.
  • Roundtrip tickets (officially confirmed by the airline)
  • Detailed itinerary which includes departure and arrival time and dates
  • Hotel accommodations vouchers and booking receipts
  • Proof of Financial Capacity, Income and Sufficient Funds which includes the following:

-----------Bank Account SOA (Statement of Account for the latest 3 months)

-----------Bank Certification

-----------Updated Passbook

-----------Recent ITR (income Tax Return)

-----------Credit card billing statements from latest 3 consecutive months

  • Certification of Employment signed by your company (if employed)
  • Approved Leave of Absence
  • Travel Order (if working in the government)
  • Business Registration Certificate (if Self-employed)
  • Visa processing fee (per embassy requirement)
  • Affidavit of Support and Consent from both parents (for minors only)
  • DSWD Clearance for minors not travelling with parents (for minors only)

Take note that requirements may be added anytime so it’s better to check in the embassy you are applying the visa. I recommend personal documents like passport, NSO BC, proof of funds and others must be secured first then just follow your travel tickets, itinerary and accommodation. Finalized those dates since I’m sure you are traveling to different countries in Europe and you are gonna take the opportunity to visit as many places as you can.

Some embassies prefer online application for the Schengen visa but embassy like Italy process them by call center and you will call their hotline to make the schedule as to when your documents and requirements will be picked up by their courier service. If you have completed the documents and requirements and they are all consistent and tally, then your visa will be approved in like 5 to 7 days. Some embassies request personal interviews if they wish to know more. Italy Embassy in Manila, interviews are not done like others. So if you wish to stay longer in Italy or Milan, the Italy way is for you. Cost of visa application form is about P3,550 not including the courier service for about 450 and the call fees when you call their PIASI Call Center.

Some embassies like Spain, French Embassy and Netherlands also approve Schengen visas easily less strict than others.

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Disclaimer: The comments uploaded on this site do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of the author, Hubpages and the agencies mentioned. All replies by the author are based from views according to experiences and not from the agencies mentioned in the article.

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    • profile image

      Marc Curambao 3 months ago

      Hi where to apply Visa here in Saudi Arabia to Visit Spain and how much it cost?

    • profile image

      brenda 11 months ago

      hi i am 49 year old ofw from jeddah but going home this month! my austrian bf wish to meet me in philipines and bring me back to visit austria! he shoulder all expenses because i dont have proof of funds ! can i qualified for schengen visa?

    • profile image

      Maryjoy c. layugan 12 months ago

      How much the touris visa in spain

    • profile image

      Louella 13 months ago

      If my point of entry is Spain, can I apply Schengen visa in Italy so that there will be no need for personal interviews?

    • profile image

      VanesaHintersteiner 16 months ago

      Hi! I'm a filipina I just want to ask something cause im really having a hard time and confused what to do to get a visa and the requirements because i just got married last month in hongkong to an austrian guy and yes my question is do I need to bring my marriage contract, nbi and birth certificate (with red ribbon from dfa and legalize by the embassy) do I need to bring those three documents too when applying for visa to austria. I hope you can help me . Thankyou so much

    • profile image

      Agnes Trinidad 20 months ago

      Good day my sister is living in london we're planning to celebrate my mother's 80th bday in UK and we are planning to go to spain and vatican city and probably question is how can and what embassy do i need to apply for a tourist visa. Thank you..

    • profile image

      Soledad KSA 21 months ago

      Im working here in Riyadh Saudi ARabia as a laser Nurse for two years contract and i have annually leave for 30 days .my mother work in rome italy and i want to visit her .it is possible if i apply for visa from riyadh to italy as tourist??? if so . what are the requiremnts or process, pls help me.

    • profile image

      jerome 22 months ago

      hi, I'm Filipino resident in qatar for 3 years now and my wife is in Philippines, i want to apply schengen through french embassy qatar for both of us could it be possible?

    • profile image 22 months ago


    • profile image

      Alexmac 22 months ago

      Am from Macedonia am living and working in Malta i have girlfriend Philippines and I want to come and visit me in Malta I have resident permit and work contract what I need to get the visa to her and come to visit me

    • profile image

      loina 22 months ago

      Hello. Im a filipina currently working here in Turkey and I want to visit Norway, How can I get travel visa in going there?

    • profile image

      tatskie1967 23 months ago

      Hi! I am Filipino my friend from Sweden is inviting to visit to her place. I don't have business here. Could it be possible if only the bank account and other documents or should I need some other proof in order for me to take a schengen visa.? Or should I need some land title to prove?

    • profile image

      Anne Sotto 2 years ago

      Hi. I am based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and want to apply a Schengen visa, Greece as my point of entry. I live with my mom here and she has been working here for 20 years now. I only have 15,000 AED in my bank account. My question is can I also provide strong ties back home like land title under my mom's name? Or a letter from my mom stating that she lives here with me? Your earliest response is highly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Marfory Juan 2 years ago

      Hello, I work in UAE and my husband is a Retired Gov't employee he stay in the Philippines. We fun of travelling, infact all the visa free country we have already visited. He visits me here 2 -3 times a year. This year we plan for a Europe tour, can you please advise us how we can apply for Schengen visa. We stay in different countries.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Jenneth 2 years ago

      Hi im pilipino . Ijust want to ask if i can get SChengen visa to visit italy ,and other places that ican use only one visa. Im planning to go nextyear. My bf is problem is im Domestic helper in oman it is possible to get visa?ihave atm.please give me advice ...

      Many thanx

    • profile image

      Raymunda t. Odiada 2 years ago

      Hello po, Filipino po ako, my Irish visa na po at planning to travel first week of August, may anak ako doon at Irish Citizen na sya, she want me to apply a Schengen visa, para pag exit ko ng Ireland ipasyal nya ako sa Paris, Rome Italy at iba pang places, can i aplly personally or thru agency, alin ang madali, kc im from Bicol? Tnx poGGodbless

    • profile image

      Jenny.M 2 years ago

      Hi.Filipino po ang bf ko po ay German.nag pplan po kami na magpaksal dito sa pilipinas.then after wedding mag aaply po kami ng visa for me to live in Germany together.nabasa ko po kc na ndi hastle ang kumuha ng visa sa Italy embassy.possible po kaya ? At any po ung mga requirements bukod po sa marriage contract??

    • profile image

      monic 2 years ago

      hi, im here at philippines. i decided to visit my friends at austria.. what should i need to do to get easily a schengen visa? i want to visit for 3mths..

    • profile image

      aileen J. 2 years ago

      Im going to Ireland this coming may 11, 2016 - June 14, 2016 to visit my fiancee, and part of that trip is our short holiday to spain on May 27 to June 3, 2016, what i have now is a visa to ireland , my question is do i still need to apply for a schengen visa to spain? even if its just an 8 day trip? if so what are the requirements? hope to hear from you . thank you and God bless

    • profile image

      Cata 2 years ago

      hello , need advice please. I was married before to American 2006 here in Philippines and then we get divorce 2014,legally in the U. S. But because we don't have divorce here in Philippines I still carry the family name of my ex passport and drivers licensed. but my other document like postal ID. and business permit and voters ID, was my single name before. and I also now use business permit to my single name.. it is possible that I can get a tourist visa or they will accept my document, if I pass my document with different family name?..Because my friend invite me to go to Paris but he is from Sweden and he is the one who sponsor all the expences need advice and suggestion please..thanks for reading and God bless to all

    • profile image

      judy 2 years ago

      Hi po hingi lang ng advise makapasa ba ako sa schengen visa ung bf ko po sa germany bali ang sponsor ko ipadla niya lahat ng papers niya mga bank acount niya trabho niya.pero po di kme nagkita dito sa pinas bali 1year na kme nagkakikila sa skype siya laht mag provide ng gastos ko ex schegen visa din ako pero expired na noong november last possible ba na makapasa ako kahit di kme nagkita ng bf ko in person.salamat this june ang plano ko mag apply ng visa sa germany embassy

    • profile image

      chan 2 years ago

      hi, goodnoon here at saudi. i'm filipino and i am currently working here as a waiter for almost 6months. i have my girlfriend lives in honduras but she had her application for work at spain. we never met in person before but we spend chatting for almost a year. we decided to meet at spain after one year more because only after 18months that i could get my vacations at my company. and i would just like to ask if it is possible that i could get schengen visa here at saudi? and if she is able to send me invitation though she's only at spain for work. gracias

    • profile image

      Maoreene 2 years ago

      Hi Mam/Sir thank you for the info they are really helpful. I would just like to ask because my resident british friend in Spain will be sponsoring me a tourist visa, what are the other requirements he needs for that as well as mine aside from the list mentioned above. Thank you so much! xx

    • profile image

      tyler 2 years ago

      Hello..i am from phillipines just ask i plan to visit my bf in switzerland but he is german schengen visa is allowed to visit in switzerland and how long i can stay in switzerland and can i go to germany use my schengen visa??

      What is the embassy that u could recommend me? Because my bf have doubt because he is german and its not easy get visa going to germany.


    • profile image

      zaunaku 2 years ago

      hello, good day,, hope anyone can help me .. I'm from phil. sana matulongan niu ko may bf akong taga Sweden then balak nmin pumunta sa kanila bale nung april his here then bumalik sia ng oct.til dec.his here we plan to go to his country ..can I apply for Schengen visa ..bale sabay sana kaming pupunta ng country nia so I don't have work no bank account etc. so sa medaling salita ..sia na bahala sa financial ko ..possible kyang makakuha ako ng visa ..for 3mons.we already have the invitation letter..

      good day sana may makatulog sakin sa pagproprocess ng visa ko.. thank you

    • profile image

      Rein Sojor 2 years ago

      Good day! I just want to ask I have a Schengen Visa and I already used it.. My employer the one who processed when we had a vacation in Spain. Its a Type C Visa. Now, is it possible to renew my visa without the authorization of my employer before 'cause am not already working with them. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Thessa8922 2 years ago

      hi po,,ask ko lng po,my bf po akong italiano but d pa kmi ngkita in person,gusto ako papuntahin sa knila as tourist then gastos nia lhat,,my possible po kayang makakuha aqu ng schengen-visa???salamat po sa tutugon,,God bless Hubpages

    • profile image

      nenette 2 years ago

      I'm a filipina 52 years old my friend in Amsterdam invites me to visit there stay in his house hell be shouldering my plane tickets and insurance my question is I don't have work but had bank account savings from my previous work what else should I submit in applying for tourist visa to go to amsterdam

    • profile image

      Joana 2 years ago

      Hi about the travel Insurance is it refundable if the visa is denied by the embassy??

      Please answer and thank you so much

    • profile image

      Remy 2 years ago

      Very detailed procedure of Visa application. Thanks for the info. Great help!

    • profile image

      Shery 2 years ago

      Hi po may boyfriend po aw tga spain we have a baby.. Gusto ng bf q pumunta kmi ng spain anu po bang klase visa kunin q, ndi po kmi kasal pero nakapangalan naman po apilyido ng baby q sa kanya, my bf want to process working visa for me, he said thata the best way to go in spain.. Naguguluhan lang po aq kc anjan naman ang visitor visa or tourist but he said better working visa? Paadvice naman po.. Thnx

    • profile image

      rhods 2 years ago

      Thank you po Maam Jane sa info...Wala pa po akong anak at asawa ang kasama ko lang po sa bahay ang mama ko. Ako po ang nag aalaga sa kanya If ma approved ako iiwan ko muna sya sa mga kuya ko na may mga pamilya... Thank very much po Maam.

    • profile image

      Jane 2 years ago


      1 year pa lang naman ako dito sa Germany pero base sa experiences ng mga friends ko. Hindi imposibleng makapunta ka dito. Kasi pag may sponsor ka naman may chance ka makakuha ng visa.

      Provide mo lang ang mga requirements na hinihingi nila sa Embassy. Mas may chance ka din kung may asawa ka sa pinas or anak diyam sa Pins kasi malaking proof yan na babalik ka. Depende din yan paano mo handle yung interview. Wag kang kakabahan.


    • profile image

      Rhods 2 years ago

      Hello po ask ko lng Gusto po akong invite ng brother in-law ko to visit germany pero wala po akong trabaho dito sa pinas... May kunting kabuhayan po ako dito sa davao pero wala akong business permit dahil kaunti lng naman po ang kinikita ko...May chance po ba na ma approved ako?? salamat.

    • profile image

      red 2 years ago

      hi,i am filipino just married my boyfriend from Slovenia here in the Philippines tanong ko po pwede ba ako mag apply ng visa sa Austrian embassy? at ano dapat gawin ng asawa ko sa Slovenia at anong requirements ang need ko e prepare for permanent residents

    • profile image

      Nancy 2 years ago

      Hi! I just got my visa approved last week and my destination is Malta, a friend invited me and he will cover all the expenses on my entire stay for 90-days. How much funds do I need to show at the immigration in case they ask me for a show money?..

    • profile image

      Mark 2 years ago

      I'm going to visit my sister from Australia to Austrian and they are asking my sister for letter of obligation, but she just had a baby. So she isn't working at the moment. But I have my own money and credit card. She wrote a letter to the embassy letting them know that she's just accommodating for 5days that I take care of myself. Do you think they are going to approved by visa application?

    • profile image

      Rodahnoq 2 years ago

      Hi im rodah my bf is from us and im fromphilippines he planned that he wants me to go to us but its not easy so we decided to go to europe, he will buy the tickets for me .. But about the requirements i dont have work now.. Im only 18 what should i do to the requiremnts?

    • profile image

      merle 2 years ago

      Pano po kaya dapat kung gawin ,sa pag aply ko ng visa andito na po yon mga documen na galing po ssponsor ko na dutch.ang problema ko lang po ay wala akong hanap buhay at ipon sa banko ..lahat po ng gastos ko at sagot ng aking sponsor..

    • profile image

      HI 2 years ago

      HI! I have a question. What if I'm a Filipino, a Philippine Passport holder going to the USA for a year on an internship (J1 Visa), while there in the states can I apply for a Schengen Visa?

    • profile image

      Yang 2 years ago

      Hi! Tanung ko lang po if student kba na vivisit sa relative mo tpos sya na mg cover all the expenses tpos sa bahay nya ako ttira,kailangan ko pa po ba ng bank account? Tpos kailangan ko ba ng hotel reservation? Please someone answer me. Thank you..

    • profile image

      zimmple 2 years ago

      I am a Filipina and I have a boyfriend from Norway who wants me to go there to visit him....he will be taking care of all the expenses.....I was separated for 7 years now, but it's not a legal husband got his new family already....I am working at home now, i don't have bank account, no credit cards, no ITR. What could be the alternative documents that i need to prepare? I will be staying with my boyfriend in his home in Norway.

    • profile image

      Colyn 2 years ago

      Hello.. I'm planning to apply for a Schengen visa. The thing is I'm currently unemployed. What are the chances that they'll grant me a visa? Thanks.

    • profile image

      antonette 2 years ago

      hi.. i already had my visa going to portugal. it was processed here in Taiwan were im currently working. I've applied here to work in portugal as a farmer.

      i just wanna know f can i exit in the philippines going to portugal having my visa.thanks.

    • profile image

      Queenshyne 2 years ago

      Good pm!

      This is what I've looking for.

      Can I ask u a question.

      I applied for a work in Switzerland and that work is my firstjob ever as a nanny for 6months only.

      And the host family told me that I need to have a tourist visa only, bec we are going to make tour in other european country every month. Not a working visa.

      What would I do?

      I just read a lot of requirements about employment and bank account and most of all the itirenary for tour.

      I want to go in Switzerland as soon as possible.

      But the host family said that I need only a tourist visa. I dont know them very well, I just applied sa mapag kakatiwalaang website thats why im pretty sure na legit yung family na papasukan ko. And we need to conduct an online interview.

      Makakaalis kaya ako ng bansa?

      By October they need me as nanny.

      I hope you can help me pls.

    • profile image

      trinity 2 years ago

      Good day, im currently working here in kuwait as a sales assistant is it possible for me to get the schengen visa? I'm visiting my friend in Norway who married a Norwegian, and she told me that i should need at least five hundred thousand pesos in my account ?

    • profile image

      neshi icao 2 years ago

      Good day ,ma'am/ sir! may i ask, how much po dapat ang bank account traveling here in the philippines to malta. Thanks in advance!

    • profile image

      Nica 2 years ago

      Hi po, my bestfriend is living in Denmark. She has a danish husband and they are planning to invite me because I really want to visit my bestfriend and have a vacation in Denmark. They are going to invite me, they will shoulder all the expenses including accomodation. I recently resigned on my job so I am now unemployed but I have a good job offer to come back for this december (my planned visit to denmark is from aug to nov) since the company will start operating on december but I 'm afraid that my visa will be denied because I heard that it is hard to try to get visa again once you denied before.. what do you think i need to give them to prove that I'm really returning to phils on nov? thank you.

    • profile image

      Miguelito 2 years ago

      Hi there! I just want to ask something about shengen visa. Im a filipino & im a seaman. I already have my shengen visa which i use when i embark in the ship and it will expire on 2017. I have a girlfriend from germany and she wanted me to visit her next year. Do i still need another shengen visa or i can still use the visa that i have? Thank you so much! I hope you can help me with this :)

    • profile image

      David 3 years ago

      Hi! I will be applying for a Schengen Visa because I will be sent by my company there for work for 2 months. I am complete with all my requirements. I want to take my girlfriend with me, however she does not have work and is not self employed. She has a business that is not registered. How can she pass if this is the case? She has a relative living there in France. her sister. Is their anyway through this?

    • profile image

      Gigi 3 years ago

      Hi, thanks for your advise and the information are most useful. One question though, If i already have a UK Visa and plan to visit France anytime within the specified period of UK tourist visa, do I still have to submit ALL the required documents to get a Schengen Visa? Thanks in advance for your attention and God Bless.

    • profile image

      tin 3 years ago

      I am filipina, im planning to visit my fiancée in U.k. but i have a business here in the philippines. Is it possible for me to get a visit visa? But my business is 1 yr pa lng Po and at the same time i worked in the pruvate security agency as a secretary. i ve been working there since 2010.

    • profile image

      softy 3 years ago

      Hello..i am getting married in june...and i have resigned from my job...i hv just 2 yrs experience..n my wud b does job but he had changed 2 jobs within last we will not b able to shw our itr for last 3 yrs..but we want to go europe for our honeymoon...can u please suggest ny solution..

    • profile image

      Ryan 3 years ago

      Hi !

      I'm from Philippines, my plan is to apply for a tourist visa in Norway from Dubai because my family friend invited me. I am a first timer so your help guys will be highly appreciated if you can share your idea about it ! I just wanna know if that's possible and what's the documents/requirements they need and about the processing. THANK YOU SO MUCH ~ :)

    • profile image

      Mitzi Rimando 3 years ago

      Hello! Very helpful blog! Would you happen to know if it's possible to get Schengen visa in UK? I already have a UK family visit visa and would like to also visit my aunt in Austria but I'm pressed for time here in the Philippines. Can i apply in London? Thanks so much!!!

    • profile image

      Marlon 3 years ago

      Hi hello I have Schengen visa when I went to Budapest and I travel to Italy last 2012 and last year of march I travel again to Italy in Udine so I apply for Italian visa but next year I plan to visit Slovenia and some other countries near to Slovenia. My question is applying to Schengen visa instead of Slovenian visa is ok? and do I have a big chance to be approved since I will stay only to the house of some of my friend? Thank you!

    • profile image

      ellen 3 years ago

      Hi good day! Im a filipina nurse working in saudi arabia and i am planning to have a europe tour using schengen visa. My plan is to apply through french embassy but my problem is ill be staying in geneva,switzerland for most of my stay for a month. For the proof of accommodation do i have to book a hotel for the duration of a month in france or is one day enough. ill be flying to france first then geneva.

    • Cris Shel profile image

      Cris Shel 3 years ago

      is their an age requirement who can apply schengen visa... i am 21 years old coming 22... thanks

    • profile image

      Zell 3 years ago


      Am planning to apply for my tourist visa in netherlands..and i am separated from my x husband also a dutch guy, now my bf is also a dutch guy,any requirment for me,i never been there yet,my bf he is the one who sponsor on me...soon im going to embassy in manila once i complete my requirements, thanks and good luck to me, feeling nervous here...

    • profile image

      @glo 3 years ago

      hello im a filipino holding a schengen residence permit and i want to visit my family for few days. what kind document that i could take to leave the country again in philippines regards thanks

    • profile image

      samir thapa 3 years ago

      halo! I already have done my interview in German embassy and all documents have collected and she put stamp on my passport about visa type,number and application date! can I grant student visa???

    • profile image

      tin 3 years ago

      Hello..I'm from Philippines then I'll be visiting my boyfriend to Netherlands.. There is a requirements that I have to show about bank statement.. But unfortunately i don't have that or even I don't have any enough source of income or properties to show off .do you think it will be the reason if my visa wouldn't be granted?but my boyfriend will accommodate all my expenses even till I have to go back on my country such as the plane tickets and all..

    • profile image

      Pearly Tarr 3 years ago

      Hi I am Filipino but my husband is a dual citizen of Hungary and Canada, we are planning to visit his parents, we are thinking to apply schengen visa for me and our 2 kids, but we are thinking to apply without invitation letter from his parents because we will shoulder all the expenses, would be able our application to be approved if we will buy the tickets first before we apply the visa? we don't want to lose our money just in case our application will be denied.

      any thoughts?

      thank you in advance.

    • profile image

      Yin 3 years ago

      I'm an au pair in Norway.

      I want to go to Paris for vacation.

      Will I still need to apply for schegen visa?

    • profile image

      sharon2012 3 years ago

      thank you so much for all the the way i want to ask how to bring my brother in norway hes 16 yrs old,we want him TO go in school and my husband is living in norway for almost 1year!if we apply him as a tourist visa it is possible to transfer family or student visa.what is the best way?your advice is really big help......thank you so much

    • profile image

      vhe 3 years ago

      can i ask ? kailangn pb ng 30,000 euros for travel insurrance db od ,,,mas mabba p dyan ,,,,,pls,,,help cos ,,,i don't have 30,000 euros to pay my travel insurrance

    • profile image

      emy 3 years ago

      Hi GoodEvening...

      Im from philippines and my fiancé is from sweden. I just wanna ask if what is the best and easiest way to get a tourist visa going to sweden.

      me and my fiancé has no idea.since we are new to it so we don't know how to start..where to go and what to do. Hope u can give us idea about the step by step process :)

      Thank you & God Bless!

    • profile image

      mac mac 3 years ago

      Can you get a Schengen Visa that is valid longer than 1 year? Just like in UK, you can apply for 5 years. In USA, you can be granted for 10 years. In Canada, you can apply for the duration of the validity of your passport. These are multiple tourist visa. Can Schengen Visa also be issued for longer duration? i had a couple of old visas like France, Netherlands, and Italy but in all occasions i have to re-apply for a visa since the visits were not all in one trip. I don't stay longer than 90 days (normally for just 1 week).

    • profile image

      julius mayuga 3 years ago

      hello i have a sister in japan but its only tourist there a possibility if will send her invitation letter can she exit japan coming here in spain?

    • profile image

      gaye 3 years ago

      hi, tnx very much for ur blog, its very helpful! hope u can give advice. Hubby and i travelled to france on a netherlands visa. Wd like to visit france again but wd it be wise to apply thru netherlands again? The wait for a french visa is too long, and netherlands appears the easiest and fastest at this time. any other suggestions? Wd applying to italy or spain be better?

    • profile image

      Jessa G. 3 years ago

      Good Day Twenty five..

      Glad to know this forum of yours, it helps me a lot about the tourist visa and travel.. I have a question lang kc and ask na din ehe.

      Meron kc aKong nakilalang Italian girl sa website from Rome nman siya and she wants me to visit her and she able to shoulder my all expenses, VISA TICKETS HOTEL RESERVATION BOOKING, gusto niyang malaman kung magkano daw ba gagastusin ko kasama na sa ibibigay niyang pera from my bank accnt. Hindi ko masagot dhil first time ko lang mag travel niyan at sana palarin ako DBA? married nako at wala among trabaho ngayon. Possible ba na ma grant sang visa ko? Pls help nman diyan. Thank you in advnce

    • profile image

      princess 3 years ago

      Hi good day, i just wanted to ask coz im planning to go to Netherland just to have a trip for once in my life as an experience..but what bothers me is that i am not capable of having some of the requirements needed like personal account or bank account coz i don't have one..i can buy ticket, travel insurance but i don't have work to show up some money or any funds in a bank.. and you also mention that its easy to apply schengen visa in italy embassy since they will let u apply without any personal interview..coz i live here in davao and its to hasle for me to go to Manila just to apply a schengen possible that i do apply in italy embassy even if i want to go only on Netherland?.. Hope you can answer me please i would be glad if you do.. im still hoping that i can get to travel only for once

    • profile image

      jc 3 years ago

      can you help me how to get a schengen visa cause i have been there yester to to apply my visa but i am denied....

    • profile image

      jen 3 years ago

      Hi! nabanggit mo dito na mas maganda mag apply ng schengen visa sa italian embassy dahil mas mabilis and hindi kailangan ng personal interview, but when i visited their website, sabi dun kailangan e submit and visa application personally? im going to sweden, saan embassy kaya mas maganda mag apply ng schengen visa na mabilis and sure na ma approved?

    • profile image

      jessie 3 years ago

      Hi ! I'm Filipino and i work in Palawan as a guide. I have french girlfriend, and she told me to come and visit her in france. She will shoulder the cost for flight ticket. If i have ticket for like June 20,2015, would beginning of June be enough to make appointment for visa application? I also don't have ITR as the company I work at is only casual, and I don't pay for that. Is it ok just to have proof that I work at this company?

      i haven't been outside my country yet, but i have valid passport. I'm 22 and my girlfriend is 23. I also don't have 6 digit in my bank account, only 5 digits.

      Please help me out and send me email at

    • profile image

      manolita 3 years ago

      Hi hello Im'. Manolita Filipina citizens,we are planning with my german husband to visit her parent,this coming April,I'm getting tourist visa for only 3 months what possible requirements needed to submit. To the German embassy in manila how many days it will takes to process.thank and more power.

    • profile image

      mhar 3 years ago

      we want to visit italy, we are both working here in qatar, what are the requirements of getting visa thanks

    • profile image

      maera14 3 years ago

      Hi i just wanna ask. I want to visit my boyfriend hes's a American hes a airforce base on italy. I wanna know what kind of easier visa ill get? Since i heard italy has no fiancée visa. Thank u

    • profile image

      Jusie03 3 years ago

      Hi poh..isa po akong helper ng British dito sa pilipinas.gusto poh ako nlng isama for tourist ng 2months sa France.sila po magbabayad lhat ng requirements at kailangan ko.problem ko poh wla akong bank account.mkakakuha po kaya ako ng visa?

    • profile image

      Kris 3 years ago

      Hi,Im Filipina married and currently residing here in Australia.I would like to visit my aunt in Norway with my Aussie husband.Should I apply for a visitors visa in Phil.or here in Embassy of Norway, Australia?

    • profile image

      Chito 3 years ago

      We are planning to travel in Spain and Italy from March 29 to April 10 with most of our travel days in Italy. My question is do I need to show my flight booking from Barcelona to Italy for shengen visa purposes. Most low cost airlines from Barcelona to Italy do not offer refund when you cancel your flight if in case our visa application is denied. Thanks.

    • profile image

      cjeneve 3 years ago

      hi po!! aso lang po ako magkano specific amount in my bank needed po to travel as a tourist visa in germany

    • profile image

      Rose 3 years ago


      I had an appointment this feb.3,2015 in the Spanish embassy for tourist visa.I had a problem because I don't have invitation letter, but book already for my hoter

    • profile image

      holopainen2 3 years ago

      Hello po wanna ask lang po if pahirapan po kumuha ng visa puntang finland? Pero married na po kami. Problem lang is non employed pa po sya .thanks

    • profile image

      patonongon19 3 years ago

      Hi po I wanna ask if pwede ko po ba gamitin ang schengen visa para sa japan kasi po may boyfriend po ako doon na us navy ano po dapat kong gawin gusto ko po mag stay doon nang 5days sa japan! Siya po yong magbabayad lahat ano po ba ypng requirements po dito kasi im filipina and his American na based lang po siya sa japan and next month po plan namin na bo misita ako is it easy po? At ganu katagal hope to hear from u po. Badly nred ur help or please email ur answer thanksgod bless

    • profile image

      dada 3 years ago

      Hi..good morning im filipina..working here in qatar..gusto ko po sana itanong kung pwd ako mag apply ng visa going to spain..mattapos na po ung contract ko dto this coming partner is spanish gusto nya mgbakasyon kmi sa spain just for only 3weeks.. unfortunately. .wala po aq bank statement. .or health insurance..wala rn po aq business..waitress lang po work ko dto..pwd ko.po magamit ung bank statement nya o kaya health insurance ng parents q..

      Have a good day

      thanks in advance


    • profile image

      CuriousLady 3 years ago

      I saw the list of EU countries with free visa. Is Croatia not included in the schengen? It is part of EU. Please reply. Thanks...

    • profile image

      roswin 3 years ago

      Hi im a Filipino and currently working here in Bahrain for 1.5years. I have 5months left to Finnish my 2years contract.

      I want to visit a friend in Spain. He will shoulder my expenses and accommodation.

      What will be the requirements needed for me?

      I only have a debit card provided by company .

      Pls response.thanks and good vibes

    • profile image

      Cris 3 years ago

      Hi im Filipino, i am Transgenderand we had our Holy Union Wedding here in the Philippines 2 months ago, i am unemployed 2 years already, and my husband don't want me to work, and now my husband is going to Germany in April, would there be a chance for me to get easily approve for Schengen Visa? I anticipate for your quick response and advice..thank you.

    • profile image

      carren lopez 3 years ago

      hi po sa lahat pa help naman po bf wants me to get a passport he is from germany..but i am married here in philippines and now separated for almost 4 i need to use my husband's surename in the passport?or can i still use my surename when i was single? baka may alam po kc kau maraming salamat po..god bless

      eto po email add ko pa email naman po kong may alam kau regarding salamat po

    • profile image

      lhen 3 years ago

      Hi i have male friend from sweden, he want me to invite as his friend in his country sa kanya lahat ng expenses possible ba akong ma approve im still using my ex husband surname since hindi pa kami annul, thanks

    • profile image

      ajb 3 years ago

      Hi...french type c multiple visa it alright to enter rome and exit france..more power..thank you

    • profile image

      Carlos 3 years ago

      Hi. I'm a filipino cetizen and I am a former seafarer, I obtain more than 5 times FRENCH and SCHENGEN VISA before thru my local agency in Manila. My sister lives in FRANCE now and she's asking me to drop by before I go back to Philippines for a vacation. Now I'm working here in Paramaribo, Suriname. Just wanna ask what requirements do I need to get a new SCHENGEN VISA here in SURINAME. Thanks and appreciated..

    • profile image

      ann 3 years ago

      hi! Good Day! ask me po what if kung may meet me na gusto magpakasal sa pupuntahan me na lugar then tourist visa lang me for 3 to 6 months. pwede ba yon mangyari na magpakasal while i am holding tourist visa only? pls. reply. thanks

    • profile image

      ahna 3 years ago


      just ask can i get schengen visa goin to denmark?

      my friend invite me to visit him in denmark. we know each other for almost 2years ..since 2012 january,2.

      i want to know if i can get like that visa her in philippines.

      and what is my requirements. my passport is releasing this december so it is new passport.

      thank you..

    • profile image

      norlyn 3 years ago

      What if im going to visit my fiancée in sweden.. it was included that what if i dnt have a work but i have 6digits in my bank acct. Since im employed right now.. i resigned since im processing my application for a permanent residency in sweden but since im still waiting for the court order of my annulment and we decided that i will visit him for 3mos while we are waiting for the papers... do i still need a documents of my siblings proving that they will provide my funds while im in sweden. What if i have credit card but as a supplementary of my sister is that allowed. And do i still dnt need a documents that my siblings will provide my funds...

    • profile image

      pjmd 3 years ago

      Hi my aunt who is an american citizen living in the us wants to treat me a travel in europe but im here in the philippines. I don't have any supporting funds with me because im just a newly grad student. What will be the other requirements can i provide in the embassy? Does my aunt needs to submit her financial accounts from the us for sponsoring my travel? I also have relatives and friends in spain and france and italy. Thnx

    • profile image

      Leslie Macaraeg 3 years ago

      hi, im from Guam, filipino citizen but permanent resident in the US. how an I apply a schengen visa in Italian Embassy in manila? It says no need for physical interview right? where should I send my requirements?

    • profile image

      Lady 3 years ago

      Hello. Good day.

      I would like to ask which would be a wiser choice to apply between schengen or fiancé or sponsored visa? I do not have prior experience on any of these. My bf (swede) who was here last year suggested that I go to Sweden on April 2015. So right now I just want to know which would be the wisest, fastest option for me and my bf , who i guess also does not have much experience getting me visa... I am currently preparing for the requirements... I hope I would get the pros and cons response on this. Thank you.

    • profile image

      czack chua 3 years ago

      I just want to ask if I have a sponsor and they will cover everything of my expenses. I have no work and will just visit in The netherlands. Is it possible for me to have any kind of visa?I'll visit my girlfriend and we are same sex-gender. Is it possible for us to have a fiancé visa? Or any advice what we can do? Thank you


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