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Science Museums In New York City

Updated on October 22, 2011

The city of New York has one of the greatest science museums in the world. Some of the most famous science museums of New York are:

Buffalo Museum Of Science

The Buffalo museum of science is located in the Martin Luther King Jr Park in Buffalo New York.

The famous science museum has a wonderful building which was designed by August Esenwein and James .A. Johnson.

The Museum opened in 1929 and holds science attractions belonging to the genera of animals, astronomy, physics, scientific technologies and many more.

The New York Hall Of Science

The New York hall of science is the only actual science and technology center holding every thing that is related to science and technology. 

Buffalo Museum Of Science
Buffalo Museum Of Science

It is one of the greatest science museums of not only USA but of the world as well.

The museum is located in Flushing Meadow Park which is located in the borough of Queens.

The museum occupies one of the remaining structures of the New York World’s fair which was held in 1964.

The museum exhibits more than 400 exhibitions of technologies relating to physics, chemistry and biology.

New York Hall of Science
New York Hall of Science
A statue outside The Rochester Museum And Science Center
A statue outside The Rochester Museum And Science Center

The Niagara Science Museum

The Niagara science museum is located in the Highland Avenue in the Niagara Falls, New York. The museum is a great science museum which holds scientific instruments used for experiments from the era of 1870 to 1930.

The best thing about the museum is that the instruments are set as an apparatus for an experiment in self made laboratories.

So, by visiting the museum one not only gets to know about the old scientific equipments but also learns how and when they were used in an experiment by the scientists of the past.

The basic point of the museum is to demonstrate how the science worked during the time of the industrial revolution.

The Rochester Museum And Science Center

The Rochester Museum and science center is located in Rochester, New York.

One part of the museum includes historical galleries holding the scientific objects of the past while the other part features exhibitions related to various fields of science.

The most famous exhibitions include: travelling expeditions, expansion of earth and many more.

Rose Center For Earth And Space
Rose Center For Earth And Space
The Hayden Planetarium
The Hayden Planetarium
The Corning Museum Of Glass
The Corning Museum Of Glass

The Science Center Museum

The Science Center museum, also called "Sciencenter museum" is located in Ithaca, New York. The museum was opened on the 28th February 1983 as non profit educational organization.

The museum served as source for science education without gaining any profit until 1990 when the owners, after its popularity decided to change their logo.

The museum is very popular amongst science students as it holds information regarding the history of various fields of science.

National Center For Electronic Games

The national centre for electronic games is located in the Manhattan Square, Rochester, New York. The full name of this museum is “the national center of the history of electronic games”.

The purpose of the museum is to tell the world about the history of gaming and its impact on the society.

The museum has the collection of 20,000 games which includes 1000 individual video games and 500 educational games for children.

The games in the museum belong to both past and present. It has all the games ever made by man.

The best part is that the visitors get to play these games instead of just looking at them!

The Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium

This famous museum and planetarium is situated in the Schenectady, New York.

The museum was built in 1997 and contains over 1.5 million science related photographs.

The museum also holds over 110 radios, 60 televisions, 5000 books, 1000 films and 15000 patents, all related to science.

The museum also holds one of the greatest International technology archives in the world.

The Rose Center For Earth And Space

The Rose center of Earth and space is located near the Central Park West and is a part of American museum of natural history.

The museum holds al, the information and objects related to the space and the universe.

The Hayden Planetarium

The Hayden planetarium is a huge public planetarium for public and is actually a part of Rose centre for Earth and Space but has its own individual identity.

The planetarium has two halves.

The upper half of the Planetarium has the star and the planet center while the lower half has the Big Bang theatre.

The planetarium was built in 2000.

The Corning Museum Of Glass

The Corning museum of glass in located in Corning, New York.

The museum has over 45000 glass objects and it explores every facet of glass relating to science and technology.

It explores all the 3500 years of history of glass making.


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