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Scuba Diving in Cocos Costa Rica

Updated on November 15, 2011

Dive at Isla del Coco

Come take a virtual tour of a typical dive site of Cocos, Costa Rica. Explore raw, untouched nature at its finest. Dive into the deep blue waters of the tropical Eastern Pacific and get close to schools of snappers, jacks, grunts, runners, tuna, sharks and rays.

Isla del Coco is an island located off the shore of Costa Rica, and is the largest uninhabited island in the world and it is an excellent scuba diving location. Come and dive with the nimble and graceful giants, the manta rays, absolutely amazing!

Cocos Island is located approximately 300+ miles from the coastline of Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean and is one of the National Parks of Costa Rica. World-class scuba diving abounds in this region, don't miss it.

Scuba Diving in Cocos, Costa Rica

Scuba Diving in Cocos, Costa Rica - Manta Ray dance -

Diving with Whale Shark - Cocos, Costa Rica

Popular Dive Spots at Cocos Island

Sharkfin Rock

Dos Amigos Grande
Cocos offers many spectacular dives but this is probably the most visually exciting underwater vista.

Manta Ray Corner

Marble Ray Point

Chatham Bay
This would also be a good snorkeling and night diving spot.

Wafer Bay

Scuba divers would be hard pressed to find many marine destinations with a larger variety of sea life to view while diving.

Cocos Island Dive Trip

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