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Sea Kayaking in Turkey

Updated on November 11, 2013

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is a water sport that in recent years has gained a lot in popularity; it is a great option for those who like to be on the sea without the noise and smell of an engine. Although anyone can learn to sea kayak, it is a sport that is difficult to master and beginners are definitely advised to sign up with a guide who can show them the ropes rather than try to go it alone. When on holiday in Turkey, there are a number of water sports to enjoy, like water-skiing, para-sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling. Sea kayaking in Turkey is also becoming a must-do holiday activity for the more adventurous crowd, and you will find a number of tours on offer where you can learn sea kayaking under an official instructor.

Sea Kayaking in Kekova
Sea Kayaking in Kekova | Source

Sea Kayaking in Kekova

A good way to explore the coast is by boat, and you will see there are many caves lining the coastline which are not visible by land. If you do not want to take a boat trip and you are feeling energetic, a great option is to join one of the sea kayak guided excursions.

Along the edge of Kekova island, facing the shore you will find the amazing ruins of a Lycian sunken city that are submerged in the sea. Diving is not allowed directly around the ruins as many swimmers have taken a piece of the ancient relics as souvenirs, but you will get an excellent view of the remains from the kayak. You may also swim in nearby parts that your tour guide will point out to you.

A Tranquil Way to Sightsee

Basic Guidelines for a Kayak Tour

You do not need any previous experience to go on a kayak tour, but you must be reasonably fit. Basic training will be provided by your instructor and/or tour guides, and you will not need to take any special equipment as life vests will be provided. Depending on your tour company, you will probably find that lunch is also included, so there is no need to bring any food. However, you might like to take some additional money for an ice cream or other type of snack.

If you are planning on having a swim you should take some goggles and a snorkel with you. You should also wear some tennis shoes or dive boots to protect your feet in the water.

As always when in the hot Turkish sun, make sure you have some protection cream. A T-shirt should be worn under your life vest as further protection from the sun.


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