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How I Search 30 Top Hotel Booking Sites With 1 Click

Updated on January 17, 2012

The Secret To Finding The Best Hotel Deals Online

Your looking to find the Best Hotel Rates online. What do you do?
You go to one of the online hotel booking sites. There's, ,, travelocity and many others.When you compare the hotel rates found at any of
these sites, you will find differences in rates offered in the same hotels. Wouldn't it be nice if
you could search all of these sites for a hotel and choose the site which gives you the best
deal for the hotel you want? That would be nice, but it would just take too long..

No, not anymore , you can actually search 30+ top hotel booking sites with 1 click

As shown in the picture above, Just type in your dream destination , put in your travel dates, Enter the number of Guests and number of Rooms and and click Search.

When you click Search you get a screen like one above. If you want the lowest price across all 30 Hotel search sites Click on the sort and choose Price( low to high) .

Clicking on the from $17 blue box will take you the the site giving you the lowest price
where you can make your booking if you like at the best price..

Ready to give it a shot?

Try out this Super Search for FREE here

Below is a list of all the sites searched which includes top names like ,,,

This site also has a nice feature called verified reviews.

What this means is they analyse the user reviews and ratings only from people who

have actually stayed at the hotels , and give a summary of the review in terms of

things like room quality , staff , food etc, which helps you to get a true and complete picture of the hotel you are going to book ,very quickly.

With 1 Click You Search All Of These...


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