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Seattle Extended Stay Hotels

Updated on May 17, 2010

Extended Stay Hotels in Seattle

Visiting Seattle can be quite expensive, primarily because of the cost of accommodation. This is especially true if you are staying for periods of longer than a week. In this case you are probably going to want to consider using one of the many Seattle extended stay hotels. An extended stay hotel is just what the name implies, it is a hotel that is intended for people who are staying for longer than a week. This can substantially reduce the cost of visiting Seattle as an extended stay hotel is much cheaper than a traditional hotel.

Extended stay hotels tend to be more like mini apartments than hotel rooms, it would be more accurate to refer to them as extended stay suites. Most Seattle extended stay hotels have a separate bedroom and living room and almost all offer cooking facilities. This certainly helps to make your stay more comfortable than it would be by being crammed into some tiny hotel room. It also tends to feel more look home, a huge benefit if you have been travelling for a while.

It is quite common for extended stay hotels to offer amenities and services that aren't normally offered at a regular hotel. These are usually services set up to cater to people who have been away from home for a while. So while they usually have the standard hotel features like a swimming pool most extended stay hotels in Seattle also offer things like a gym and laundry service.

For most visitors the primary reason for choosing an extended stay hotel is cost. Most offer a weekly rate that is about the equivalent of two nights in a regular hotel. Although this is another one of those cases where you do tend to get what you pay for. There can be a pretty big variation in price from one Seattle extended stay hotel to the next. This is primarily because there can be a pretty big range of quality.

The big players in the extended stay hotel market are La Quinta and Extended Stay America, and both have several locations in Seattle. These tend to be good quality mid range hotels that meet the needs of most long term visitors. There are other options available, some are properties that cater to extended stays but many traditional hotels offer a weekly rate as well. This is something that is well worth looking into. If you are planning an extended stay in Seattle than an extended stay hotel is certainly the way to go.


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