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Seattle Travel Diary 2016

Updated on July 14, 2016

Seattle Trip.

We recently took a trip to Seattle this last month. We were only there for ten days, but we got to do so many exciting things! So here are some of the things we did, and some things I recommend doing if your there!

Day 1: Day one was a relaxing day. We got to Seattle and rested for a while. Then once we had a nap we decided to go out and explore. And our first stop of course had to be Snoqualmie falls! This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever been to. This is definitely recommend. It was so beautiful. Around Snoqualmie there is a outlet mall. We also went here and surrounding everything is mountains. Walking around and seeing this view was amazing. And also shopping for great deals!

Day 2: The second day was more of a relaxing day. We spent the day with the family and we just had a BBQ. This was one of the more slow days that we had on our trip.

Day 3: The third day we had a relaxing morning at home. Then we went to Angle lake. This is another place that I really recommend, It was such a beautiful lake. We went on the hottest day and had a nice swim. It was so refreshing. After a nice swim we went over to Denny's for dinner. Another great day.

Day 4: Day four we went to downtown Seattle. We explored for a bit on the upper side. We had some food at a chowder place. On our way home we stopped for some KFC chicken which we had with our family at home. In the morning we only went to Seattle with my aunt, so in the afternoon we decided to go back to Seattle and take our whole family with us. We went to the first Starbucks at Pike Place and it was worth the 40 minute wait. On our way home we stopped at a taco truck and had some tacos. Delicious way to end the night.

Day 5: On the fifth day we decided to go to the movies to see Finding Dory since it had came out that same week. We went early at 10:45 but we still had some buttery popcorn. After the movies we rested at home for a bit. We then went to Family Fun Center which is really a huge arcade and we had so much fun. We walked around and played some games. Then we went to a place called the plaza to eat some food. Some good Mexican food.

Day 6: Day six was another exciting day. We decided to do some shopping and so we went to the mall. We went to Target and so many other stores. We bought some clothes for the cold weather. And we of course got food. We went to church in the afternoon and when we came home we were greeted with some delicious burritos.

Day 7: This day we decided to go back to Pike Place. We explored some more of pike place. And got some beautiful flowers from here. After exploring pike place we went over to my brothers house and had some food with him.

Day 8: Day eight we decided to stay home since the next day would be a long day. We did decide to make some pozole which is delicious. And we all had some food as a family.

Day 9: This day we took a little roadtrip to Poulsbo. It is a beautiful little trip. It was 2 hours to get there but the view was beautiful. We explored and we got some food at Puerto Vallarta. There was some delicious food here. We went over to my sisters house and had some dessert there. We decided to go back to Seattle on the ferry so we took the ferry back home to Seattle. What a great way to end the night, If you are ever in Seattle I definitely recommend riding the ferry.

Day 10: Our last day exploring Seattle. For our last day in Seattle we decided to go to a buffet we had heard a lot about. It is called Hibachi buffet. And let me say, out of all the places we went to eat this one was my favorite. Some delicious food! There was a lot to chose from which is awesome since most buffets don't have a lot to chose from. I definitely recommend this buffet. So good! After this we went home to rest before our trip home.

Seattle is a place I really recommend to visit. Thank you Seattle you were amazing!


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