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Seattle's Best Vegan Eats

Updated on May 7, 2011

Vegan Seattle

Seattle is becoming more and more well known for it's rising culture of organic eaters and homesteaders. The rise of those who choose the healthy over convenient and processed, has lead to a boom in the vegan and vegetarian market in Seattle. In turn, this has lead to the word spreading around the world that you can get some great vegan eats in Seattle!

So whether you are coming to visit Seattle for a few days or you've lived here all your life and are just looking for some new vegan restaurants to explore, then this is the hub for you!

Mighty O Donuts

If you've never tried Mighty O Donuts, you have no idea what you are missing out on!

Now I might be a bit biased because they come and vend at Hempfest every year, but either way, their donuts are divine and well worth the trip every time. On top of that, they are completely vegan donuts, and could possibly be the only vegan donut place in our fine state. They make the deal even better by keeping their prices reasonable and making their donuts fresh, cholesterol free and completely organic.

Wayward Cafe

The Wayward Cafe on the ave has become very popular with local vegans and vegetarians and is well recommended. They serve breakfast and lunch entree's all day, and they have a great reputation for great tasting healthy food. Which isn't always an easy combination.

They are not a very large cafe, which makes them perfect if you're looking for a quiet place to eat with a friend or two. Wayward cafe is a regular joe kind of place. No fancy nonsense or expensive frills. Just fine food and a great atmosphere.

Sage Cafe

The Sage Cafe and Bakery has recently become a top pick of the Seattle Times, and consistently receives great reviews for amazing vegan food.

The only catch is that they are only open between 11am and 6pm and the kitchen closes at 5pm. So this is definitely a better place to catch for a brunch or lunch time munch. Even with the hours in mind, they are worth visiting and I hear their vegan cupcakes are more than worth the hassle.


Araya Vegetarian Place in the university district is well known for it's awesome lunch buffet and has come well recommended by several vegetarian and vegan friends of mine. On top of great food, they also receive consistent ratings of friendly and helpful staff.

What's that? Great tasting healthy food AND great service? What more could you ask for?


If you enjoy raw food, vegan food and an electrifying atmosphere, you might want to head over to Thrive in Roosevelt, where you can enjoy some electronica music, friendly service and great food.

They offer a wide variety of entree's to please your taste buds and they make sure to list all of their ingredients on the back of their menu.


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