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Seeing Disneyland @ Anaheim in 2 Days

Updated on February 26, 2011
man-eating bush
man-eating bush
At Goofy's Kitchen
At Goofy's Kitchen

Having been there several times on short getaways, one can reduce the expense of visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, Los Angeles, doing the following:

1. Decide which theme park you want to visit, either California Land (ages 10+) or the original Disneyland (primarily for those under age 9). Usually, the latter is enjoyed by kids between 4-9, depending on their likes. For those over 9, most would rather spend time in California-land, where the rides are more thrilling.

2. If you need to visit both, buy a Hopper Pass, which allows you to go into each park, which are next to one another. Spend not more than six hours in either park.

3. Decide beforehand, which rides you really must get on. Then, when you enter the park, go to the ride and determine if you want to wait or get a Fast Pass, which reserves your spot but at a later time. That way, you can see the lesser items on the list, return to the ride at the designated time, and enjoy.

4. Start your adventure when the park opens, usually 9 a.m. Be there and quickly go to the your target destinations without being delayed or sidetracked by stores, shows etc. Delay means that in a short time, your waiting line may be too long, if so, check to see if the ride has a Fast Pass (not all do).

5, Try to avoid either park on weekends and holidays. Tues-Thurs are the best times for the less crowds and going when schools are in session and not on holiday vacations is the golden rule.

6. Check the weather when you are there. Hotel prices range in prices from $80 a night to $300. There are many nice ones for even $100 a night. The Disneyland hotels are simply WAY over priced.

7. Regardless of your ages, visit the Disneyland Hotel at eat at Goofy's Kitchen. This is where the famous characters of Disney come to real life. Some are in animated costumes, some are actors and actresses doing their craft of the make believe. Kids under 10 will forever remember when their favorite character visiting them at their table and chatting with them. The pricey menu is worth it. Take video and photos. Go early!

If you arrive when the park opens, there is no reason, even with smaller kids, that you cannot see and do what you want in either park within 3-5 hours tops. If you fail, then, you are just getting hung up on side adventures and losing focus. Since the park closes at 10 p.m, you can fulfill your Disneyland quest easily and see it all in both parks. If after a full day, you need to return, fine, but there are many other great and better theme parks in the area. You can also easily within 30 min. be on the beach.


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