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Hotel Accommodation in Bandhavgarh in India

Updated on December 5, 2016

Hotels Images

Bandhavgarh Hotel
Bandhavgarh Hotel | Source

Bandhavgarh National Park

The Park is a tiger reserve and India's finest nature conservation centre. Nestled on the last ledge of Vindhya Range, it is situated in Umaria District in Madhya Pradesh. The MP State boasts of being home to fabulous wild tracts, and Bandhavgarh is one of them.

The wildlife refuge is a historical show case. Within its confines are ancient ruins, man made caves, fort, stables, idols and temples. Once the abode of kings, the destination has turned into an animal kingdom. Since its notification as a protected area, the number of big cats have risen due to additional conservation efforts. The park is home to a many carnivores among them are rare Indian wolf and striped hyena.

Due to frequent tiger sightings, large number of tourists visit Bandhavgarh Reserve every year. They come from far and wide, from every part of the globe, hence the primary requirement is accommodation, food and transportation.

There are all types of accommodations available outside the park near the Tala Gate. The hotels, resorts are well equipped for tourism and assist in wildlife safaris in the park as well.

Tree House

Tree House at Bandhavgarh
Tree House at Bandhavgarh | Source

Kings Lodge

Photo Kings Lodge
Photo Kings Lodge | Source

Bandhav Vilas

Hotel Bandhav Vilas
Hotel Bandhav Vilas | Source

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List of Hotels in Bandhavgarh

Five Star Category:

  • Mahua Kothi (Taj Group)
  • Syna Tiger Resort

Three Star Category

  • Infinity Resort
  • Tiger Den Resort
  • Bandhav Vilas
  • Green Woods Resort
  • Wildflower Resort
  • King's Lodge
  • Tiger Loogun Resort
  • Samod Jungle Resort
  • Sal Van Jungle Resort
  • Monsoon Forest Resort
  • Tree House Headway
  • Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh
  • Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge
  • Bundela Safari Camp
  • Royal Tiger Resort
  • Bagh Sarai Jungle Resort
  • Nature Heritage
  • Jungle Mantra
  • Jungle Huts
  • Camp Aranya
  • Bandhavgarh Meadows
  • Mogli Resort
  • Wild Heaven
  • White Tiger Forest Lodge
  • Maharaja Royal Retreat
  • Ashoka Resort

Budget Hotels

  • Kum Kum Home
  • Tiger Inn
  • Jungle Inn
  • Gitanjali Hotel
  • Baghela Hotel
  • Kolkatta Kutir
  • GTV Resort
  • Bagh Vihar
  • Surya Hotel

The luxury and star hotels offer upscale facilities and amenities. You should read reviews of the hotels in order to finalise your stay for tiger safari and birding. Most of the accommodations offer jungle plan which is all inclusive, but a stay on American Plan and on room basis is also available.

The American Plan includes all meals but charge for jeep safari and the vehicle is separate.

Jungle plan is better since all arrangements are made in advance for you. This is most suitable for foreign tourists who have no local contacts in the destination.

A Resort in Bandhavgarh

Video King's Lodge

Tiger Den Resort

Resort Image Bandhavgarh
Resort Image Bandhavgarh | Source

About Hotels & Resorts in Bandhavgarh

In the initial stages whence tourism was less only one Rest House accommodation was available. The booking was done at the DFO office in Umaria. But then booking of RH accommodation was subject to availability. Accommodation increased when the White Tiger Lodge with four rooms came into the picture.

Soon the park received publicity through wildlife films and documentaries, and the rush began. Initially those who were well versed with wildlife tourism started small resort ventures. But as the tourist numbers increased a large number of hotels, resorts and lodges were established.

In this park tourists usually prefer to stay near the gate. Hence you will find most of the budget and semi luxury properties near the gate. Most of the exclusive one's are situated at a distance in pristine surroundings. Situation counts a lot in tiger reserves, if the property is situated near the forests, the stay and ambiance is much better.

The properties in Bandhavgarh are well equipped for tiger safaris and birding expeditions. All modern amenities and facilities are available in the star properties. Some of these have their own resident naturalists and wildlife interpretation centers. Watching wildlife movies in the evenings besides the lovely warm fireplace is a good pastime.

The five star and three star properties provide spa facility, out door games and swimming pool for recreation. Climate control in shape of AC or Air Cooler is available for summer visitors. All the jungle lodges serve Indian and Continental food. They serve non vegetarian and vegetarian meals. Beverages are served but at very high prices so it is better to carry your own. In case of any food preference advance intimation has to be given.

Today there are many resorts in Bandhavgarh one of which you can choose for a stay. Of these some are luxurious with high tariff, if you can afford these, it is worth a stay. But there are many budget properties as well near the wildlife refuge. Most of these are nice clean places with basic amenities. Small time homes at Tala offer accommodation in one or two rooms. These are very cheap and they also serve home made food. Since they do not have online presence, you have to have direct contact through a local person or you can also book on arrival if available.

If you are touring during the off season i.e after January you can bargain. Even the most luxurious hotels in Bandhavgarh offer discounts. Off season does not include weekends and festival times remember. Hence plan your itinerary carefully.

Tiger safaris can be booked with the help of the people in the lodges. They will book your gate entry as well as reserve an open jeep for your jungle safari.


Lodge in Bandhavgarh
Lodge in Bandhavgarh | Source

Government Accommodations

There is one rest house belonging to the forest department and one owned by PWD. These are accommodations with few rooms, reasonably well done and clean. These are not actually meant for public but for the visiting Government Officials. Earlier on some instances this was given to the public but I have no idea about the present.

There is a large accommodation owned by the MPTDC, a MP State Government enterprise. This is semi luxurious and well maintained. The reservations are possibly through their website as well as from number of their offices set up all over India. In Bandhavgarh the MPTDC property called White Tiger Lodge is situated near the banks of Charanganga and offers dining and bar facility.

The tariff is on par with semi luxurious resorts and hotels. During the busy season advance booking is required. This hotel is very popular with holiday makers from India.

Resort Photo

Resort In Bandhavgarh
Resort In Bandhavgarh | Source

Inn Photo

Jungle Inn Photo
Jungle Inn Photo | Source

Samode Lodge

Photo Samode Lodge
Photo Samode Lodge | Source

Hotel Tariff

The hotel rates in Bandhavgarh start from Rs.1000 per night on room basis only. These are the rates budget hotels quote. The rest is up to how you bargain. Average room cost in luxury class is RS. 3000 plus.

At many places the tented accommodations are costlier than the room accommodation. Some luxury hotels charge Rs.10000 per tent per night.

To sum it up you can stay in complete luxury from Rs.3500 onwards. These are rack rates and you have to bargain. There is no discounts during holiday seasons like Diwali, X'mas, New Year and Holi!. During the rush hours, resorts charge their highest rates. Rest of the period rates depend upon occupancy.

When you book online or directly, rate discussion is a must since hotels tend to charge the full amount. But many properties will offer you a reasonable discount on direct booking. Some upscale hotels have their tariff fixed and do not invite any bargaining.

Infinity Resort

Infinity Resort at BTR
Infinity Resort at BTR | Source

Jungle Lodge

Bundela Jungle Lodge Bandhavgarh
Bundela Jungle Lodge Bandhavgarh | Source

Resort Booking: How To?

It is important to choose the right spot to stay in this wildlife refuge. If you wish to book the accommodation yourself then do some findings. In order to enjoy animal and bird watching you need to stay at a good and comfortable place.

You should search on the Internet and explore Bandhavgarh hotel websites. Go through them carefully check their facilities and all the amenities they offer. Once you have chosen your stay you can book online at the booking page. If you have queries you can use the contact form or ring the bell. Telephonic conversation will clear the picture of what you should expect when you arrive. Website that offer reviews can give you a fair idea of the hotel's service and amenities.

You can also book through friends and references. This is a good way since their experience will guarantee a good choice.

Going through the tour operators in MP is another way of safari and hotel booking in Bandhavgarh. A good tour operator will put you in the right place on a right budget. You can contact the operator online after seeking his reference if possible. Whence you send him money as advance, ask for a receipt and confirmation from the hotel manager.

Maharani Kothi BTR

Maharani Kothi Now Maharaja Royal Retreat
Maharani Kothi Now Maharaja Royal Retreat | Source

Mahua Kothi

Accommodation in Bandhavgarh
Accommodation in Bandhavgarh | Source

Reaching Bandhavgarh

Most preferred mode of travel from New Delhi to this park is the flight. The flight from New Delhi lands at Jabalpur sometime in the early morning. From here Bandhavgarh is about four and a half hours drive. The rail options for Jabalpur are many but they are all overnight.

There is a overnight train from New Delhi which takes you to Umaria rail head. From Umaria township it is thirty two km drive to Tala where most of the hotels in Bandhavgarh are situated. The hotels offer pick and drop facilities if you wish to arrive at Umaria.

You can also reach Bandhavgarh through Katni Railway Station which is about eighty kilometers from the Park.

Recently Mumbai Jabalpur flights have started on daily basis.

Muchmucha Lodge Photo

Lodge at Bandhavgarh
Lodge at Bandhavgarh
Tiger Safari Jeeps
Tiger Safari Jeeps

Nearby Destinations

The onward journey can take place for Khajuraho Temples which are about seven to eight hours ride from Bandhavgarh. Second option is to visit Kanha National Park which is about four and half hours from BTR.

Local sightseeing includes a visit to the tribal hamlets, rural markets, schools, traditional fairs and festivals. There are some wetlands near the villages which are good for birding.

For those interested in birding and non traditional stay Muchmucha Lodge Bandhavgarh is the best place. Built in 1935 the Kothi as it is known offers luxury accommodation. The activities include guided birding and open jeep safaris in the jungle. The lodge is about 45 km from Tala Gate and 25 km from the Khatia Gate of BTR.

Maharani Kothi

The Maharani Kothi was the sole accommodation in Bandhavgarh during the British Raj. The Tala Kothi belonged to the erstwhile rulers of Rewa. The park was popular hunting reserve of the rulers and the Kothi was their personal accommodation.

Taj Kothi Bandhavgarh

Taj Resort
Taj Resort | Source

Resort Photos Bandhavgarh

Tiger Lagoon Resort
Tiger Lagoon Resort | Source
Nature Heritage Resort
Nature Heritage Resort | Source
Tree House
Tree House | Source
Bandhav Vilas
Bandhav Vilas | Source

Bandhavgarh Map

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