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The Advertised Honesty

Updated on February 29, 2016

Back in the days I had Yamaha 2-stroke motorcycle and as we know that we need extra oil for the engine to run properly. I used to buy the oil from a shop and I would ask some mechanic to change it for me. One day I asked the mechanic to change it and sent a “Chotu” (small kid) to pour in the oil. When he was done with the oil he turned to me and said “Bhai ho gaya hai” (It’s done). At the time mechanics would take 20-30 PKR for the job but watching a small kid I gave him 50 PKR, which he gave me back saying “Is kam k 20 rupay bantay hain” (This job is worth 20 PKR). I forcefully gave him the 50 rupee note and went on but I have never forgotten his words.

I have seen many people who advertise their honesty but I have never seen anyone practicing it. Wherever you go and whoever you meet, at some point they will always lure you in with their advertising honesty.

I remember the days when I went to Kharian, Pakistan to visit my cousin. The day before I was coming back home my car started making some noises from left side of front suspension, so I decided that I will get it checked by any mechanic I will find by the roadside in the morning. So the next day, I set off heading towards my home. As I started my journey on the G.T. Road I found a workshop and I went straight up there to get my car checked. He said “Main ne aj tak bay-emmani nahi ke. Aksar Army k driver mujhay kehtay hain k bill ziyada bnao lekin main ne aj tak aisa nahi kia. Ap baithain main abhe ap ke gari check kr daita hun”(I haven’t practiced dishonesty till day. Many drivers ask me to add extra money in the bills for Army/Army Officer’s vehicles but I have never done that. Please sit and I will check your car).After checking the car mechanic said to me that “Sir g! Sara hissa farig ho chukka hai. Ap gari chor jayen main sham tak theek kar dun ga” (Front suspension has almost collapsed. Leave the car and I will fix it by evening).

Funny because before going to Kharian I had changed all the front suspension components including steering assembly. So I said goodbye to him and started my 150 km journey back home. The rattling sound was so frustrating and I was afraid of failing of some components, so I covered my journey by driving under 60km/h. When I reached my destination I went to my regular mechanic and told him the issue. He took the tyre off and chucked out a piece of metal from behind the brake disks. That was the sole problem behind that rattling noise.

The reason I have wasted so much of your time is because I just want to point out those people who advertise their honesty to lure people in but they don’t understand how much loss they are getting. When I compare these two incidents I always thank “Chotu” for leaving a positive memory in my mind. To me he is a real every day super hero.


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      Hassan 22 months ago

      Nice post