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Segways in San Francisco: The Four Sisters at It Again

Updated on October 20, 2017

Our First Segway Trip in San Francisco

A few years ago, on our sister’s trip, we all went to San Francisco, California for our vacation.

We took a Segway tour when we were there through the Golden Gate Park. This time a few of the husbands and a friend of ours came along. This beautiful tour took us through most of the park—-which would be impossible to travel through on foot in one day. We passed by Stow lake and watched the ducks and the beautiful pagodas there, drove through the lovely Rose Gardens, stopped to rest at the Lily Ponds and the Conservatory of Flowers, and even passed by the beautiful Japanese Tea Gardens. We also took a pathway ( a little rocky) through the Redwood Groves—where some of the trees there are over 2,000 years old (so they tell us). The guide on our tour was great and told us a lot about the history of the area.

4 sisters, 2 husbands and our friend
4 sisters, 2 husbands and our friend

A Surprise Runaway

When we were part way through the tour, my sister’s husband suddenly started off by himself —speeding over a lawn—-we were all shocked and wondered where in the world he was going. Finally, he stopped at the curb nearby and gracefully fell off—luckily without any injuries. We found out that he had fallen asleep on his Segway ( as he was up late the night before, with very little sleep). Luckily he was ok—but went by car the rest of the way home. Needless to say, we never let him forget it—not many drive their Segways in their sleep and live to tell about it!

The "Hills and Thrills" Ride

Later, since we felt like pros now in riding our Segways, we decided to take on one of the most difficult Segway trips they offer—The “Hills and Thrills” of San Francisco. Our guide gave us valuable information and tricks to follow for our protection. The trick he told us, was not to go too fast while traveling up the steep hills there—-therefore more easily maintaining your balance and not allowing the Segway (with you on it) to fall backwards. It seemed to us, that it might also be a good idea to not go too fast —down the hills—especially down Lombard street! Lombard street is said to be the crookedest street in the world. It is located on Russian Hill in San Francisco and it is just one of the many streets you go down on the Segway “Hills and Thrills” excursion, and one of the most difficult.. We chose to go more slowly down this windy street—we were told that the flowers growing at each end of the windy curves—was to note the burial places of careless drivers.

The Four Sisters

Now You Try It!

Segways have only been around since 2001—and even today not everyone knows a lot about them. The Segway tours help you get accustomed to your Segway first, before your tour. They teach you how to drive one, how to slow down, stop and get off safely and give your some time to practice before the tour starts. They have guides that lead you throughout the tours and you are equipped with ear-pieces that your guide uses to give you verbal instructions while driving your Segway. If you have never had the thrill of riding a Segway, you really need to try it—they are great fun—-If I can do it, in my seventies, anyone can!

© 2017 Carol Hill


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